A Community of Writers

When past and present tutors from the Fresno State Writing Center gathered this past spring to celebrate the center’s 35th anniversary, alumna Tabitha Villalba felt right at home. “It’s good to be surrounded by fellow writers,” she says.

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In Memoriam

Edward Albert Aaron (1968),
Oct. 8 in Seattle.

Sally Anne Salva Alvid (1962),
Aug. 29 in Fresno.

Abdullahi Ali Anshoor (1986),
Nov. 17 in Somalia.

Leland T. Atkins (1943),
Oct. 27 in Chico.

Rodney Ellsworth Barnett (1925),
Sept. 24 in Fresno.

Leland Edwin Bergstrom (1954, ’72),
Sept. 13 in Kingsburg.

Stephen Henry Bonesteel (1972),
Oct. 1 in Fresno.

Margaret Peggy Archibald Boydstun (1925),
Jan. 27 in Bakersfield.

Barry Bernard Buckey (1971),
Sept. Read "In Memoriam" […]

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