How Fresno State programs and resources are fostering bold business ideas

Craig School of Business

The Craig School of Business at Fresno State offers a master’s in business administration and bachelor’s degrees in economics and business administration (accountancy, finance and business law, information systems and decision sciences, management and marketing). One of the top business schools in the state, it was established in 1928 and was named the Craig School in 1992 after a $10 million endowment from alumnus Sid and Jenny Craig.

Institute for Family Business

Promotes the preservation of family businesses by providing a forum for exchanging ideas, research findings, academic courses and information about issues unique to family firms

Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Assists innovators of all ages in development and execution of their ideas into businesses. Fosters innovative thinking and entrepreneurial behavior in the
Central Valley through education, networking, training, collaboration and ethics.

Central Valley Venture Forum

Brings together venture capitalists, investment bankers, angel investors and leading startups

CEO Fresno

Promotes entrepreneurship and the development of student-run enterprises

Entrepreneur in Residence

– Nelson Sebra

Acts as a link between Lyles Center and entrepreneurial leaders in the Valley

Ethicist in Residence

– Andrew Fiala

Engages students and community in business, professional ethics, stewardship and citizenship

Innovate Fresno State

Connects innovators to investors and assists with feasibility studies and business plan development

Intrapreneur in Residence

– Mendy Laval

Guides students in developing and implementing entrepreneurial skills in a corporate setting

Kids Invent!

Stimulates creativity of children through hands-on science challenges of design, performance and functionality

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Helps high school students learn skills to start businesses

Pay it Forward Luncheon Series

Brings together students and business leaders to network and explore topics

Skills for Success

Promotes development and improvement of 21st century skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration)

Student Hatchery

Supports students by providing access to mentoring and office space to work on their businesses while in college

Gazarian Real Estate Center

Provides information on real estate markets to the community, students and faculty, facilitating curriculum development, outreach, industry research and the study of professional ethics

University Business Center

Provides businesses and professionals with services and resources to foster growth, create jobs and develop a prosperous economy