DISCOVERe Tablet Courses

To become a part of the DISCOVERe Tablet program, you must FIRST enroll in a course with the attribute: "DISCOVERe Tablet Course" 

After enrolling, sometime before the semester, you will receive an email from DISCOVERe to reserve a free loaner tablet during the first few weeks of the semester. 

NOTE: It is important to set a reservation time for your tablet. We do not accept walk-in appointments.

You will come to the DISCOVERe Hub (located on the first floor of the Henry Madden Library) at your designated time to pick up your Tablet and charger. You will need to bring your Student ID card for verification

Please allow yourself at least 15 minutes to fill out your loaner agreement as well as the initial setup of your tablet. 


We are accepting tablet returns for the Spring 2019 semester. You can return your device at the DISCOVERe Hub from 9-5 pm on weekdays. Please note to have your iPad, charger and student ID to successfully return. Another important note, please have your tablet charged so we are going to reset and verify the iPad.

Final return date is May 17 by 5 pm.

For any further questions: please call us at (559) 278-1812


Girl using iPad at the DISCOVERe Hub