Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I know which courses are included in the DISCOVERe tablet program?

When using the Class Search:

  1. Locate the Class Type and look for Tablet Course.
  2. Select Detail and look for DISCOVERe Tablet Course- A tablet will be required.
  3. A Pop-Up screen will appear with specific information about the tablet program and an acknowledgement check box.

Alternatively, the full DISCOVERe Class List can be viewed here.

2. If I enroll in a DISCOVERe tablet class, can I use my own tablet?

Yes. Students can use a personally-owned tablet as long as it meets the minimum tablet specifications (see question 11).
 - Bring Your Own Device Requirements

3. How does the tablet loaner program work?

If you are enrolled in a DISCOVERe tablet course for the Fall 2020 semester, you are able to apply for a loaner tablet that can be checked for the semester, free of charge.

4. Why should I purchase my tablet through Kennel Bookstore?

Students, Faculty and Staff on campus are eligible for education pricing of Apple products which we sell in the Kennel Bookstore.  This discount ranges from $30 to $200 off retail pricing of specific devices.  

5. Which tablet devices are being offered through the tablet loaner program?

The tablet loaner program is only renting out the following tablet model:

  • Apple iPad Air 2 - 64GB Wifi Only

6. What is not included in the DISCOVERe Loaner Tablet?

  • eTextbooks
  • Apps

7. When can I pick up my tablet loaner?

Loaner tablets will be available one to two weeks before the Fall semester begins. Students enrolled in a DISCOVERe class should receive an email regarding tablet pick-ups.

8. Does the DISCOVERe tablet initiative support multiple platforms?

Yes. Fresno State's DISCOVERe tablet program supports platforms for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Refer to Minimum Tablet Specifications.

9. What are the minimum device requirements to bring my own device?

10. Are eTextbooks available for all classes?

Not all classes will have eTextbooks. The Kennel Bookstore will have eTextbooks available if the instructor has requested and the publisher can provide an eTextbook option.

11. What types of apps will I need to purchase for use in my DISCOVERe tablet courses?

The apps you will be asked to purchase are, in some cases, considered textbook replacements and will vary in price. The apps selected for classroom use will vary upon the academic department and the instructor.


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