Feedback received October 23, 2019 — January 2, 2020

Posted on 1/14/20

CONCERN: I am concerned that now you have to leave your first name, last name and email address when submitting anonymous feedback. Can we please go back to a system where you don't have to enter in your personal information to leave feedback?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing your concern to my attention. While revamping the President’s Feedback page and process in fall 2019, we agreed that allowing anonymous feedback (as done previously) inadvertently conveyed the notion that it is risky to speak up about concerns in the workplace here at Fresno State. 

In addition, allowing anonymous feedback undermined our Principles of Community, which entail being respectful, kind, collaborative and accountable in our communication with our colleagues throughout campus. 

Although submitting feedback now requires inclusion of the submitter’s name and contact information, we will not include personally identifying information when responding to feedback. As such, the feedback form will be updated to make clear to readers who submit feedback that identifying information will not be published.

CONCERN: I just returned from the Veterans Day celebration (Nov. 6 at 10 a.m.). It is wonderful Fresno State puts on this event, but sad to see that there were only about 50 people in attendance, including the choir. Only one cabinet member and one dean were present. Given the sacrifices our student, faculty and staff veterans have made for our country, and the fact that Fresno State is working hard to support student veterans, it would be nice to see many more cabinet and other high-level administrators at this event, not to mention other managers, faculty and staff. Perhaps the VPs could make promoting and attending a greater priority in the future?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to my attention, as I wholeheartedly agree that we should collectively pay our respects to our valued veterans at both official celebrations and throughout the year. 

Last November, although I did not attend this particular on-campus celebration because I had to take care of a family emergency, I proudly participated the following week in the open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony on campus for our newly named Veterans’ Resource Center.

I will continue to encourage members of my cabinet and other campus administrators to similarly attend veterans-related events throughout the year while also continuing to strengthen our programs and services for our veterans community, such as the Veterans Resource Center and the Veterans Education Program

CONCERN: The gender-neutral restroom in the South Gym is causing concern for not only faculty and staff, but students. It is in a secluded hallway with little foot traffic, and, recently, the stall doors have been locked while they are not occupied. Stalls can be locked and unlocked while someone is in them, and that is just an open door for a dangerous situation. I have no problem with the concept of the restroom, but it seems as though there would be another mechanism to ensure privacy/safety. A fingernail or quarter can unlock the door.

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. We will evaluate and determine alternatives to help address your concern.

CONCERN: Bus/class schedules do not align well. Please change 10 a.m. classes to 11 a.m. It makes a huge difference. That one-hour difference changes a 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. day to a 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. day. This means a lot to someone who only has a two-hour class that starts at 10 a.m.

RESPONSE: Fresno State cares deeply about students’ access to courses and their daily schedules. We do our best under the constraints of faculty and classroom availability to accommodate student needs. To align class time with bus schedules, we need to know what class(es) is of concern. We encourage students to contact the course-offering department and explore possibilities of aligning bus and class schedules.

CONCERN: The Bulldog Store in North Gym needs attention. They do not have prices on any of their items and they are overpriced. They are unable to scan the item to find the price, they have to call someone to find out what it was. I couldn't buy ice cream ($5 there and Save Mart sold them for $2.99) because the lady who knew the prices wasn't there. It is no wonder that they are charging so much because they can't get anyone to buy anything. Students are on a fixed income and I believe if we offer that convenience at least charge something reasonable and not gouge them, not to mention to put the prices so that they know if they can afford it. Thank you for listening. I do appreciate your attention to all of our concerns.

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. We will follow up with our Dining Services management to ensure all items sold are included in the point of sale database. Regarding pricing, we do try to keep our margins as low as possible; however, some items will be higher than what you could buy off campus due to our quantity of purchase vs. a large retail grocery store chain.

CONCERN: Facilities Management’s work order system needs addressing. Nine times out of 10, I am not notified when the ticket is started, being worked on or completed. I recently was notified that a work order was accepted, and I had submitted it online nearly a year ago. This is not helpful. Most times the problem is fixed, but I don't get the email letting me know it's done until much, much later. Is there a way these tickets can be reported in "real time," like Technology Services?

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. We will follow up with our Facilities Management team to address, but please be aware that we are looking at moving forward with a new application that is more widely utilized at other CSU campuses. We agree that you should be notified anytime the status of a work order changes. If you have specific feedback you would like to share, please provide directly to Meredith Booey Sandrik at