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Full Time Department Faculty

Henry Delcore, Ph.D - Professor, Sociocultural

Interests: Environmental Anthropology, Development, Social memory, Life history, Global-local interactions, Popular Thai Buddhism and animism

Region: Southeast Asia, Thailand

Phone: 559-278-2784 | Office: Peters Building 257
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Walter A. Dodd, Ph.D - Associate Professor, Archaeology

Interests: Archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, agrarian ecology and site structure, lithic analysis

Region: southwestern North America

Phone: 559-278-4899 | Office: Peters Building 252

Roger LaJeunesse, Ph.D. - Professor, Biological/Forensics

Interests: Physical anthropology, mathematical modeling, population studies, human evolution, forensics, bone chemistry

Office: Peters Building 258

James Mullooly, Ph.D - Professor, Anthropology of Education (Chair)

Interests: Applied anthropology, ethnomethodology, social reproduction, culture theory, linguistic anthropology

Region: North America, Egypt

Phone: 559-278-7574 | Office: Peters Building 385
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Franklin Ng, PhD. - Professor, Sociocultural

Interests: Cultural anthropology, Asian-Americans, ethnicity
East Asia, Hawaii

Office: Peters Building 255
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John Pryor, Ph.D - Professor Archaeology

Interests: Complex hunter gatherers, style, and material culture studies, teacher education

Region: California

Phone: 559-278-5150 | Office: Peters Building 254 (Office); MCL 212(Lab)
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Dvera Saxton, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Interests:  Medical anthropology, environmental anthropology, participatory action and activist research, agriculture, labor, health, food

Region:  North America, Central America

Phone: 559-278-0887| Office: Peters Building 253


Part Time Instructors

Lisa Anderson - Instructor, Archaeology/Physical

Phone: 559-278-2380 | Office: Peters Building 256

Interests: Pacific Archaeology, Traditional and Transitional Hawaiian Culture, Osteology, Historic Preservation, World War II Archaeology

Region: Pacific Islands

Charles Ettner, Ph.D. - Instructor, Sociocultural/Linguistics

Interests: Ethnicity, identity, minority group education, linguistic anthropology, Native American peoples and cultures

Region: East and Southeast Asia

Phone: 559-278-3002

Gena L. Gong, Instructor



Phone:  559-278-5167 | Office:  Peters Building 255

C. Kristina Roper, Instructor - Archaeology

Interests: Hunter-gatherers, high-altitude adaptation, exchange, historic preservation, obsidian studies, GIS, collections management

Region: Western U.S.

Phone: 559-278-2380 | Office: Peters Building 256
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Penny Verin-Shapiro, Instructor - Sociocultural

Interests: Medical and psychological anthropology, religion, mental health and identity, bi-cultural populations

Region: Latin American and the Caribbean

Phone: 559-278-8831 | Office: Science Building 141
Email | Web Page

Erin Renn, Instructor



Phone: 559-278-3002 | Office: MCL 212

Adela Santana, Instructor

Interests:  Gender, Embodiment, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Sport, Applied Anthropology, Ethnographic Methods, Lucha Libre

Region:  Mexico, Latin America

Phone: 559-278-7574 | Office: Social Sciences 129