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Campus Resources and Communications 


Tenure Track Faculty 

Henry Delcore, Ph.D - Professor (Chair)    

Hank Delcore profile

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Interests: Design anthropology, digital anthropology, technology and work, technology and education

Phone: 559-278-2784 | Office: Peters Building 385


Jenny Banh, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor    

Jenny Banh ProfilePh.D. Anthropology, University of California, Riverside

Interests: Labor, Transnational corporations, Student Success, Diversity in Higher Education, Asian/Asian Americans

Phone: 559-278-2380 | Office: Peters Building 256


Walter A. Dodd, Ph.D - Associate Professor  

Walter Dodd Profile

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Utah

Interests: Agrarian ecology and site structure, evolutionary ecology, ethnoarchaeology, lithic analysis, archaeology and ethnography of Southwestern North America

Phone: 559-278-4899 | Office: Peters Building 252


Chelsey Juarez, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor  

Chelsey Juarez Profile

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Interests: Forensic anthropology, immigration, isotopes, bioarchaeology, paleopathology

Phone: 559-278-4900 | Office: Peters Building 258


James Mullooly, Ph.D - Professor

Jim Mullooly Profile

Ph.D. Anthropology, Columbia University

Interests: Anthropology and Education, Qualitative Methodology, and Work Force Development

Phone: 559-278-7574 | Office: Science Building 144


John Pryor, Ph.D. - Professor

John Pryor ProfilePh.D. Anthropology, State University at Binghamtom

Interests: California archaeology, England archaeology, Human evolution and forensic archaeology

Phone: 559-278-5150 | Office: Peters Building 254 (Office); MCL 212(Lab)


Dvera I. Saxton,  Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Dvera Saxton ProfilePh.D. Anthropology (Race, Gender, & Social Justice), American University

Interests: Medical and environmental anthropology, food and agriculture, environmental and social justice, environmental health, farmworkers and activist research

Phone: 559-278-0887 | Office: Peters Building 253


Davorn Sisavath, Ph.D. -  Assistant Professor

Davorn Sisavath ProfilePh.D. Ethnic Studies, University of California, San Diego

Interests: US militarism and war, gendered labor and global political economy, waste and environment, Southeast Asians and Asian American Studies

Phone: 559-278-5167 | Office: Peters Building 255



Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Anderson, M.A. -Lecturer, Provost's Outstanding Lecturer 2019


Tad Ballew, Ph.D. -Lecturer


Michael Eissinger, Ph.D. -Lecturer


Gena Gong, M.A.   -Lecturer, Asian American Studies


Interests: Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Diversity in Higher Education, Nonprofit Organizational Leadership & Management

Lisa Hakimi, M.A.  -Lecturer


Kristina Roper, M.A. -Lecturer


Adela Santana, M.A. -Lecturer


Morghan Velez, Ph.D. - Lecturer


Penny Verin-Shapiro, M.A. -Lecturer



Honorary Professors

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology- Franklin Ng, Ph.D.