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Dr. Crowell’s work on the affordable housing crisis and evictions in Fresno has led to a report co-written with Janine Nkosi titled Evicted in Fresno: Facts for Housing Advocates, an op-ed for the Fresno Bee with letters to the editor written by students, and interviews with Valley Public Radio and the New York Times.  She also published an article with Mark Fossett in Spatial Demography on housing segregation in the Twin Cities.

Dr. Randles


Dr. Randles has published three articles applying a feminist analysis to "responsible fatherhood" programs for low-income fathers, one in Family Relationsone in Social Problems, and one in the Journal of Marriage and Family.  She has also discussed how the struggle to obtain diapers has become a crisis for working class parents, a problem that affects 1 in 3 mothers, and one that can be addressed through public policy.  

Dr. Myers


Dr. Myers has published a book chapter on food and hunger in the United States as well as a book chapter and journal article on community gardening and gentrification in New York City.  He has recently been interviewed by The New Food Economy and the Open Markets Institute based on his work on inequitable food access.



 Dr. Helsel recently published an article “Their Last Breath: Death and Dying in a Hmong American Community” in the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing.


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The Humanics Program is proud to announce the creation of a $600,000 endowment through funding from the Whitney Foundation, the Office of the President at Fresno State, and community support.  The endowment will support two scholarships as well as provide funds to support the growth and expansion of the Humanics program in the future.

 Fresno's Mason-Dixon Line 


Dr. Jendian and Dr. Crowell are interviewed in this Atlantic article addressing the history and legacy of redlining and racial segregation in Fresno.  This article is part of a series covering racial inequities in Fresno.