State of the University A student teacher interacting with children at Fresno State's Alternative Spring Break

You see the words Discovery, Diversity and Distinction just about everywhere you see the Fresno State logo. There’s a reason for that. It reminds us why we are here at Fresno State: to educate and empower student success through the discoveries they make, the diversity that will enrich their life experiences, and the distinctions they will imprint on a changing world.

That’s a BOLD proposition. Imagine the potential of roughly 5,400 graduates this year alone headed your way to have an impact everyone in this Valley can feel, from businesses to neighborhoods to the quality of life we enjoy here.

The state of this University is a state of vitality for our community.


In these pages you’ll find stories that transcend the classroom because student success embodies the whole student. Not simply their academics but also those qualities within that will shape inspiring citizens and leaders. Students discover their spirit and their calling that will produce life-changing moments for them and for countless others.


You’ll also find a state of inclusiveness, one that we’ve chosen to model for our community and for our students to take on their journeys. If not us as educators to demonstrate what’s achieved when diversity is recognized as a way to think beyond our own pre-disposition, then who? Diversity appreciates the perspective of everyone.


This year’s State of the University also tells of student distinctions that would have adults with years of accomplishments doing double takes. One of these distinctions is having a heart for service. Together with faculty, students have invested over one million hours of service to our community. These are high-impact learning experiences that develop life skills not simply work skills, and have over $34 million dollars a year in economic impact on our region.

Through Fresno State's Alernative Spring Break, students are learning by serving children in our community.

Our Valley is impacted in millions of ways.
$716 Million in regional economic impact for starters, see more inside.

It all begins with a willingness to be BOLD in the first place, to educate the next generation of leaders. Making the investments that will bear fruit if not today, for a harvest ahead. Seeing students as our greatest assets above all. Knowing it takes University and community working as one to produce the richest rewards for everyone we serve.

Joseph I. Castro, President