Forms Sorted by Name

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Form Name Form Description
Admission Appeal Undergraduate appeal form if denied, withdrawn or appealing a missed deadline.
Change of Major (Applicants Only) Request to Change Major.
Fee Waiver Appeal 2019-20 Submit this form if you applied for a fee waiver online in your Cal State Apply application and it was denied and you have additional information to provide.
Miscellaneous Fee Refund Application Form Admissions application fee, diploma fee - post baccalaureate, and other fees.
Nonresident Tuition Exemption (AB540) For Eligible California High School Graduates seeking exemption for nonresident tuition. See Residency page for more information.
Readmission Petition for Returning Disqualified Students Readmission Petition for Returning Disqualified Students (Undergraduates Only)
Residency Questionnaire Submit this form only if you were asked to provide it via email or in your checklist at your Student Center.
Student Information Update Form Form to request a change to your legal name, SSN, Birthdate, or Gender.
Verification of Intent to Earn Associate of Arts/Science Degree for Transfer Students earning an Associate of Arts/Science degree for Transfer may need to submit this paper verification form if home community college does not verify degree electronically.