Auditing a Class

If you wish to audit a class as a regular enrolled student:

  1. Beginning the first day of instruction of the semester, obtain an Audit Grading Option Form at the Admissions/Records Service Windows.
  2. Completely fill out the card and obtain faculty signature.  
  3. Submit to Admissions/Records Service Windows as an "Add for Audit Option".
  4. The deadline to add a class with the "audit" grading option is the same deadline to add a class with permission. See semester calendar.

Regular class attendance is expected and the student may be required to participate in any or all classroom activities at the discretion of the faculty member. Courses audited may not be used in the master's program.

If you fail to meet the class requirements the audited class will not be listed on your record.

Audit registration IS NOT available through the Web.  See procedures above.

Auditor Only

If you wish to attend the University by auditing of class(es) only:

  1. During the first two weeks of instruction, go to the Admissions/Records Service Windows, North Lobby, Joyal Admin. Bldg., to fill out an application for "auditor only" status.
  2. This program may not be available. See the Registrar for approval. Student may be referred to Continuing and Global Education to pursue Open University.