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Undergraduate Students in Good Academic Standing

Former Fresno State students who left in good academic standing and are seeking readmission after an absence of two consecutive semesters (summer not included) must reapply for admissions at Cal State Apply. If a returning student attended another college or institution after their last semester at Fresno State official transcripts from those schools must be submitted. Please refer to Deadlines and Important Dates below.

Academically Disqualified Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who were academically disqualified from Fresno State and are seeking readmission to the university must:

Both steps must be completed by the stated deadlines found below. Furthermore, disqualified students must complete the following criteria to be eligible for readmission.

Criteria Description
Eligibility Students who were academically disqualified from Fresno State are not eligible to reapply for admission for at least two semesters following their disqualification.
  • Students must demonstrate academic improvement towards degree progress by completing at least 6 or more units, using a combination of either major or General Education (GE) courses (see Minimum Degree Progress to determine what type of courses must be taken).
  • Courses may be completed through Fresno State Open University or any other regionally accredited institution.
Minimum Degree Progress
  • Students must complete all lower division General Education requirements before reapplying.
  • Students who have already completed lower division GE courses before being academically disqualified must complete a minimum of 6 units of degree applicable course work before reapplying.
Minimum GPA
  • A student’s overall transfer work after disqualification must be at least a 2.50 GPA and the student must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.
  • Students who are readmitted, after submitting an application and the Readmission Petition for Returning Disqualified Students, must maintain a term GPA of at least 2.50 or else be disqualified again.

Deadlines and Important Dates for Undergraduates

Date Description
October 1, 2018

Applications accepted at www.calstate.edu/apply

February 1, 2019 Deadline to submit the application for Returning & Disqualified students
Residency information (if required) and official transcripts must be postmarked by this date
Readmission Petition for Returning Disqualified Students, residency information (if required) and official transcripts must be postmarked by this date

Disqualified Graduate Students

Graduate students who were disqualified from Fresno State and are not returning immediately following disqualification must:

  1. Re-apply at Cal State Apply and
  2. Contact the Division of Research and Graduate Studies to petition to return to Fresno State.

Application FAQ's

1.  What degree do I select?

First Bachelor’s Degree (seeking your first bachelor’s degree and have not earned a prior bachelor’s degree)

2.  Are you applying to return to the CSU campus which you previously attended?


3.  Did you obtain or are you planning to obtain a degree from this college (the college you’re returning to)?

Answer No to this question even though you will be planning to obtain a degree. If you answer yes, you will not be able to submit your application.

4.  Do I have to enter all my courses?

Only enter transfer coursework taken after last attending Fresno State.

5.  When entering repeated courses with a repeat code what do I do?

You are required to put down RP in the grade area only if the course has a repeat code that is not counting towards your GPA.

You are required to put down AR if the course has an Academic Renewal code.

6.  Do I indicate foundation courses in the General Education section?

Yes, indicate Golden 4 courses.  If courses were taken through Fresno State, you will need to add Fresno State to Colleges Attended before entering coursework.

For more information regarding readmission or academic standing, please visit the university catalog.