Associated Students, Inc. is made up of eight student committees:

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is responsible for administering the rGrant program and addressing matters pertinent to the academic needs of Fresno State students. Students who currently serve on the ASI Academic Committee include: Senator Primavera Leal Martinez and Senator Kevin Ngo. Academic Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312-314. 

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for planning events and activities which enhance the student experience and overall spirit of the University. Students who currently serve on the ASI Activities Committee include: Senator Edgar Castro, Senator Chelsea Haflich, and Senator Amanda Smith. Activities Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312-314.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of all four executive officers and is responsible for the strategic planning of the organization. Students who currently serve on the ASI Executive Committee include: ASI President Blake Zante (Chair), Executive Vice President Brandon Sepulveda, VP of Finance Cam Patterson, VP of External Affairs Demi Wack. Executive Committee meets every Thursday in the USU, room 316 at 8:00am.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and reviewing the annual budget and making fiscal recommendations. This committee works closely to review, allocate and recommend funding for ASI Sponsored Activity grants. Students who currently serve on the ASI Finance Committee are: VP of Finance Cam Patterson (Chair) and Senator Mario Vargas. Finance Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312 at 6:00pm.

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations pertinent to ASI policies, procedures and legal matters. Students who currently serve on the ASI Legal Committee include: Senator Travis Childress and Senator Amber Malhi. Legal Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 4:00pm.

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for serving and protecting the collective interests of students on local, state and federal issues affecting Fresno State students. Students who currently serve on the ASI Legislative Affairs Committee include: VP of External Affairs Demi Wack (Chair), Senator Elias Karam, and Senator Evangelia Pappas. Legislative Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 4:00pm.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for making appointment recommendations to all vacancies in ASI. This committee plays an important role in shared governance by recommending students to Fresno State committees. Students who currently serve on the ASI Personnel Committee include: President Blake Zante (Chair); Senator Casandra Ramirez-Sanchez, and Senator Sebastian Wenthe. Personal Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 5:00pm.

Student Court

The Student Court hears cases regarding all ASI election disputes.

Full List of Campus-Wide Committees


Committee Name Description Meeting Time Meeting Regularity Students Needed Student Committee Chair
Academic Senate Governing body for issues about faculty and curriculum.       Abby Hudson Kevin Ayotte
Academic Policy  Deliberative Committee in regards to academic policy. 2:15pm-3:30pm Every Thursday   Nicholas Stephens James Mullooly
Academic Information Technology  Consultative Committee for academic information technology planning, procedures, policies. Mondays 1:00-2:30 Weekly 1 Nichola Stephens Otto Benavidas:
Academic Standards and Grading  Monitors maintenance of grading standards appropriate to courses offered.         David Kinnunen:
Library Monitors, through AP&P policies related to collections, services, and facilities of Henry Madden Library.         Kris Clarke:
sub: Undergraduate Academic Program Review Reviews undergraduate academic program policy and procedures and makes recommendations for the review
TBD When Called 2 Kelli Kennedy Randy Perry:
sub: Research Will interpret and apply existing policy to make recommendations of university research matters to VPAA TBD When Called 1   Jeff Cummins:
sub: Undergraduate Curriculum Review policy and procedures.       Josh Dowell Keith Clement:
sub: Service Learning Review policy and procedures TBD When Called 1 or 2 Carolina Lopez & Lilliana Toste Chris Fiorentino:
Executive Committee Responsible for the participation of the faculty in university governance and assist Academic Senate.         Kevin Ayotte:
Committee for Faculty Equity Diversity Monitors faculty issues related to equal opportunity , discrimination, and harassment.         Andrew Jones:
General Education Evaluate and approve courses for inclusion in the GE program. 12:10pm-2:00pm 10/30/2015 11/13/2015 and 12/11/2015 2 Kelli Kennedy & Amy Tang Paul Crosbie:
IRA Makes decisions on allocation of the IRA funds and reviews applications.       Rahul Nunna Anthony Farnesi Abby Hudson:
Kremen School of Education Budget Committee         Felicity Troupe  
Student Academic Petitions Hearing body for the student grade protest and acts on deviations from academic requirements 9:00am-11:00am Thursday   Maria Ramierz & Jaime Maturino  
Student Health Advisory Committee            
Accessible Technology Initiative Help in carrying out EO926 by developing guidelines, implementation strategies, tools and resources.       Simone Leighty Janice Brown:
sub: Instructional Materials   TBD When Called 1 Rahul Nunna   Kevin Ayotte:
Athletic Corp Board of Directors Determines athletics activities on campus.       Cameron Patterson Anessa Leydig:
Athletic Corp Budget Committee Prepares, reviews, and recommends budget to Athletic Board of Directors.          
Athletic Advisory Council Serves as communication link between student athletes, the Athletic Department administration, and the campus
 for student-athlete welfare.
      Cameron Patterson Anessa Leydig:
Recreation Sports and Fitness Advisory Council Makes recommendations regarding SRC and Pool Complex.       Cameron Patterson  
Association Board of Directors Meets on Auxiliary issues.       Abby Hudson Debbie Astone:
Dining Services Advisory Committee Discusses dining services on campus.         Debbie Astone:
University Student Union Board of Directors Discusses decisions affecting USU and SSU.       Abby Hudson  
Maddy Institute Board of Directors Discusses Maddy Institute policies. Prefers a Maddy Intern.       Tim Ryan Ana Jovel Melendez:
Food Advisory Committee         Abby Hudson & Nick Stephens  
President Enrollment Management Group Provides advice to president in effective enrollment management policies and addresses educational needs of the
local, regional, and state student population.
      Kait Sims Michelle Nelson:
Graduate Discusses matters of graduate education, curriculum, and planning/research. Tuesday 2:00pm-3:00pm Weekly 1   Marilyn Wilson: marilynw@csufresno
Personnel Deliberative body of the Academic Senate on personnel policy. Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am Weekly 1   Brian Tsukimura: briant@csufresno
Student Affairs Deliberative body of the faculty on student affairs and services. 10:00am-11:00am September 9th
October 14th
December 9th
3 Blake Zante           Amy Tang Marianne Jackson:
University Budget Discussed budget ad resources items pertaining to instructional budget, allocation of faculty positions, allocation of
space, athletic budget, facilities planning.
Wednesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm Weekly  
Beginning Sept. 2
1 Blake Zante Robert Maldanado:
Campus Fee Advisory Committee Advises on fees to be implemented on campus.       Kait Sims & Francisco Escamilla Lydia Duarte:
Student Success Taskforce Oversights factors that contribute to the success of students on campus.         Lydia Duarte:
Alcohol Safety Committee Provides alcohol education on campus.       Madi Prettyman & Simone Leighty Lydia Duarte:
Student Communications Committee Seeks better ways to communicate information to students.       Francisco Escamilla Lydia Duarte:
Resident Hall Association Encourages development of community in University Courtyard through leadership, service, and innovative
When Called      
(see RA application dates)
When Called 2 Felicity Troupe Tyler Miller:
Collegian Governing Board            
Programs for Children Board of Directors Meet on Fresno State Auxiliary issues pertaining to programs for children on campus.       Taylan Bennett  
Richter Center Advisory Committee Annually assess the activities and progress of the Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and
Service-Learning at Fresno State.
      Abby Hudson Chris Fiorentino:
Campus and Community Response Team Works to elevate awareness of violence and develop prevention and intervention program for the campus.       Ian Troupe & Madi Prettyman Francine Oputa:
Writing Competency         Ethan Moreno???  
Campus Planning Committee Works on short and long plans for the physical development of the campus. Fridays 8:00am-9:30am Sept. 25
 Oct. 23
 Nov. 20
 Dec. 11
  Taylan Bennett Esther Gonzalez:
President’s Commission on Disabilities and Access Provides insight on issues pertaining to students, faculty, and staff with disabilities and ensuring ADA compliance.   1:00pm-2:00pm September 21st
October 19th
November 10th
December 7th
  Rachel Doherty Lor-Rae-Raus:
President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity Assist in implementing a 5-year diversity plan for the campus.       Tiana Arredondo & May Yang Vicki Hensel:
Information and Educational Technology Coordinating Council (IETCC) Prepares a plan for education technology. 8:00am-9:00am October 13th December 2 February 11      May 5   Gabrial Cruz Cynthia Dolan:
Integrated Marketing and Communications Steering Committee Acts as a support to University Communications by advising, researching, and assisting strategic planning and
communication efforts, and making recommendations.
Sept. 23 9:00am-10:00am     
Nov. 16 11:00am-12:00pm
Sept. 23 9:00am-10:00am   
Nov. 16 11:00am-12:00pm
  Anthony Farnesi Shirley Armbruster:
WASC Executive Committee Same as WASC Thursdays 11:00-12:00 When Called 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate. Preferably same as WASC. Abby Hudson Dennis Nef:
WASC   TBD October 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate. Preferably same as WASC Executive. Abby Hudson Dennis Nef:
Student Affairs: Remediation         Samantha Foley Andy Hernandez:
Student Affairs: Class Availability         Blake Zante Maxine McDonald:
Student Affairs: High Advising Rations & Uneven Student to Advisor Ratios in College         Jeecjyot Singh Chhabda Selena Castro:
Student Affairs: Campus Employment         Blake Zante Debbie Young:
Student Affairs: Future Best Practices for Student Success          Tim Ryan  VPSAEM Frank Lamas:
Student Affairs: First Year Experience         Christian Sarabia Selena Castro:
Food Security         Abby Hudson  
Title IX Multidisciplinary Review         Kelli Kennedy & Simone Leighty  
Food Service Advisory         Abby Hudson  
JCAST Dean Search Committee         Josh Dowell Dennis Nef:
Discover-e         Abby Hudson  
ASI Activities Plan campus events and activities.       Megan Anderson & Mohammad Alqanas  
ASI Legal Reviews ASI policies and procedures.       Ashlee Bain & Monica Smart  
ASI Academic Oversees allocation of rGrant funds for student research projects and addresses matters regarding academic
needs of students.
      Daniel Ashley & Chelsee Jacinto  
ASI Personnel Works with the ASI President and EVP to recommend all ASI appointments and other organizational issues.       Connor Esraelian & Essence Harris  
ASI Finance Works to approve ASI funding applications and helps develop ASI budget.       Brandon Sepulveda & Jessica Brar  
ASI Legislative Coordinates voeter education and review legislative issues pertinent to the student body and higher education.       Corey Miracle & Sarah Pereira