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Associated Students, Inc. is made up of eight student committees:

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is responsible for administering the Research Grant Progra, reviewing pertinent documents and projects of the Academic Student Senate, and addressing matters pertinent to the academic needs of the students of the University. Students who currently serve on the ASI Academic Committee include, Chair: Senator Primavera Leal Martinez, Vice Chair: Senator Ethan Moreno, Committee Members: Senator Kevin Ngo, Lemuel Rivera and Karla Rios. Academic Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312-314. 

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for planning events and activities which enhance the student experience and overall spirit of the University. The committee shall also address matters pertinent to the programming needs of the Corporation and the student body of the University. Students who currently serve on the ASI Activities Committee include, Chair: Chelsea Haflich,Vice Chair: Senator Amanda Smith, Committee Memebers: Senator Edgar Castro, Gilbert Falcon, Jacqueline Taylor and Tej Singh. Activities Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312-314.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee shall be dedicated to fostering student success while raising awareness of and working to reduce the barriers that result from marginalization and intolerance that target an individual or group on the basis or race, ethnicity,socioeconomic status, culture, religion, sex, national origin, color, linguistic diversity, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, geographical region, personality, learning styles, life experiences and other human characteristics. The committee shall ensure the programs and policies of the Corporation promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee include, Chair: Senator Alex Chavez, Vice Chair: Senator Amber Malhi, Committee Members: Senator Edgar Bolanos. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312-314.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consists of the President, the Executive Vice president, the vice President of Finance, and the Vice President of External Affairs. Meetings of the Executive Committe shall be open to all members of the Student Senate who shall be given notice of the same, but only members of theExecutive Committee may vote. Students who currently serve on the ASI Executive Committee include: Chair: ASI President Blake Zante, Executive Vice President Brandon Sepulveda, VP of Finance Cam Patterson, VP of External Affairs Demi Wack. The Executive Committee meets every Thursday in the USU, room 316 at 8:00am.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and reviewing the Corporations's annual budget, annually reviewing and making recommendations concerning the fiscal policies of the Corporation, reviewing student organization funding applications and allocating funds as specified by the Corporation's Fiscal Code and Sponsored Activity Grant Funding policy, and addressing matters pertainent to the financail concerns of the Corporation and the student body of the University. Students who currently serve on the ASI Finance Committee are, Chair: VP of Finance Cam Patterson, Vice Chair: Senator Mario Vargas, Committee Members: Davis Ward, Alondra Salazar. Finance Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 312 at 6:00pm.

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations pertinent to all Corporation policies,and  procedures and addressing all legal matters facing the Corporation. Students who currently serve on the ASI Legal Committee include, Chair: Senator Travis Childress, Committee Members: Senator Joseph Blair, EVP Brandon Sepulveda, Coleen Busby and Aubrey Der Torosian.. Legal Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 4:00pm.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for representing, serving and protecting the collective interests of the University's students before any  local, state and federal legistlature concerning issues affecting California State University students. primary responsibilities include grassroots organizing, coordinating Voter Education, Registration and Mobilization Campaigns, lobbying for higher education bills, and reviewing state and local legislative issues pertinent to the Corporation and the student body of the University. Students who currently serve on the ASI Legislative Affairs Committee include, Chair: VP of External Affairs Demi Wack, Vice Chair: Senator Elias Karam, Committee Members: Senator Evangelia Pappas, Robert Brisco and Ruby Muniz. Legislative Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 4:00pm.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for assisting the President and Executive Vice President in reviewing and making recommendations regarding appointments to all vacancies in the Corporation, assisting in the compilation and maintenance of a list of other committees and task forces within the University, but outside of the Corporation, on which students are appointed, and addressing personal matters concerning the Corporation. Students who currently serve on the ASI Personnel Committee include, Chair: President Blake Zante, Vice Chair: Senator Casandra Ramirez-Sanchez, Committee Members: Senator Cody Sedano, Senator Sebastian Wenthe, Chief of Staff Ahson Haider, aand Jordan Cody. Personal Committee meets every other Wednesday in the USU, room 314 at 5:00pm.

Student Court

The Student Court hears cases regarding all ASI election disputes.

Full List of Campus-Wide Committees


Committee Name Description Meeting Time Meeting Regularity Students Needed Student Committee Chair
Academic Senate Governing body for issues about faculty and curriculum.     2 Blake Zante & Primavera Martinez Thomas Holyoke
Senate Executive Committee Responsible for the participation of the faculty in University governance and assist the Academic Senate.      1 Blake Zante Thomas Holyoke
Academic Policy & Plannng (AP&P) Deliberative Committee in regards to academic policy.     1 Sebastian Wenthe James Mullooly
Subcommittee: Academic Information Technology Consultative Committee for Academic information technology planning, procedures, and polices.      1   Arun Nambiar
Subcommittee: Academic Standards and Grading Monitors maintenance of grading standards appropriate to courses offered.      1   Kathleen Dyer
Subcommittee: Undergraduate Academic Program Review  Reviews undergraduate academic program policy and procedures and makes recommendations for the review process.      2   Randy Perry
Subcommittee: Research Will interpret and apply existing policy to make recommendations of university research matters to VPAA.      1   Tamas Forgacs
Subcommittee: Undergraduate Curriculum  Review policy and procedures.      2   Keith Clement
Subcommittee: Writing Competency         1   Virginia Crisco
Subcommittee: Service-Learning Review policy and procedures.      2   Zhanna Bagdasarov
Committee for Faculty Equity Diversity (CFED)  Monitors faculty issues related to equal opportunity, discrimination, and harassment.       2   No Chairs at this time. 
General Education (GE)  Evaluate and approve courses for inclusion in the GE program.       2 Chris Beck  No Chair at this time.
Graduate  Discusses matters of graduate education, curriculum, and planning/ research.         Marilyn Wilson
Subcommittee: Graduate Curriculum        N/A    Steven Hart  
Nominating Committee         N/A   Tony Mowrer 
Personnel  Deliberative body of the Academic Senate on personnel policy.      1   Brian Tsukimura 
Subcommittee: University Board on Retention, Tenure and Promotion        N/A     Joe Parks      
Student Affairs  Deliberative body of the faculty on student affairs and services.        Marianne Jackson 
Research Awards Review Committee        N/A    No Chair at this time. 
University Budget  Discussed budget ad resources items pertaining to instructional budget, allocation of faculty positions, allocations of space, athletic budget, facilities planning.      1    John Constable
Academic Affaris Strategic Goal Setting:Goal 1 High Impact Practices        Alejandra Prado  Martin Sharpiro 
Academic Affairs Strategic Goal: Faculty/ Staff Work Life Balance        Kyle Leman  Rudy Sanchez                   Julie Olson              
Academic Affairs Strategic Goal: G.E. Revisit          Xuanning Fu                                      Paul Crosbie       
Academic Affairs Strategic Goal: Research and Graduate Studies Synergies         Rudy Sanchez                   Julie Olson           
Academic Affairs: Student Success Executive Leadership Team        Brandon Sepulveda & Primavera Martinez  Lynnette Zelezny                   Frank Lamas  
Athletic Corporation Board of Directors  Determines athletics activities on campus.        Debbie Astone 
Board of Directors of CSU Fresno Association, Inc.        Blake Zante & Brandon Sepulveda  Debbie Astone 
Board of Diectors of Fresno State Programs for Children  Meet on Fresno State Auxiliary issues pertaining to programs for children on campus.      Casandra Ramirez-Sanchez & Ethan Moreno  Dr. Sandra Witte 
Campus Planning Committee Works on short and long plans for the physical development of the campus.        Debbie Astone 
College of Human Services Dean's Council of Ambassadors          Jody Hironaka-Juteau 
CAIFE: High Impact Practices          Bernadette T. Muscat 
Cross Cultural Celebration Week          Geraldine Panelo Elizondo 
DISCOVERe Committee          Pamela Lewis Valerie Kessler 
Engagament Committee          Brian Ekmanian 
Food Service Advisory Committee          Dr. Dennis Ferris 
FSAA Board of Directors        Blake Zante  Brian Domingos Jr. 
Grades First Task Force          Dr. Dennis Ferris 
Homecoming Committee          Geraldine Panelo Elizondo 
Jordan Honors Faculty Council          Kathie Reid-Bevington 
Kremen School Budget Committee        N/A    Dean Paul Beare 
New Student Convocation          Geraldine Panelo Elizondo 
Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness Committee        Brandon Sepulveda  Shirley Staton 
President's Commission on Human Relations and Equity  Assist in implementing a 5-year diversity plan for the campus.      Amber Malhi & Blake Zante  Dr. Francine Oputa 
Rainbow Alumni and Allies Club          Joshua Liggett 
Service Learning of AP&P          Dr. Zhanna Bagdasarov 
Student Academic Petitions Committee  Hearing body fo the student grade protest and acts on deviations from academic requirements.      Lauren Brackett  Dr. Jean Ritter 
Student Recreation Center Advisory Council       7 Cassandra Ramirez-Sanchez  Carolyn Coon 
Student Success Summit        Primavera Martinez & Brandon Sepulveda   Dean Luz Gonzalez
Technology Steering Committee          Orlano Leon     
University Graduate Committee        Ethan Moreno & Alex Chavez  Dr. Tim Skeen 
USU Board of Directors Discusses decisions affecting USU and SSU.      15    Colin Stewart 
USU Productions          Shawna Blair 
Vintage Days Committee        15    Shawna Blair 
Career Council        Edgar Castro  Debbie Young 
President's Enrollment Management Council        N/A  Kevin Ngo   
Undergraduate Research Grant Review Committee          Kevin Ngo  Dr. Fu 
IRA Review Committee  Makes decisions on allocation of the IRA funds and reviews applications.          
Campus Fee Advisory Commiteee  Advises on fees to be implemented on campus.           
Student Athlete Advisory Committee          Cassandra Ramirez-Sanchez   
Tobacco Task Force          Travis Childress   
Nelson Mandela Task Force             
Athletic Advisory Committee  Serves as communication link between student athletes, the Athletic Department, administration, and the campus for student-athlete welfare.           
Food Security Advisory Committee             
LMS Focus Groups             
Richter Center Advisory Committee  Annually assess the activities and progess of the Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning at Fresno State.          Chris Fiorention 
International Education Week          Amber Malhi   
Title 9 Committee         Amber Malhi & Edgar Castro   
PHA Planning Coalition          Chelsea Haflich   
Socail Science Deans Search Committee          Edgar Bolanos