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2017-2018 ASI Senate Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Priority Registration for the Spirit Team at Fresno State

A Resolution Denouncing the Impact of Executive Order 1100 (Revised) on the Multicultural/ International General Education Requirement

Resolution to Promote Campus-Wide Sustainability and a More Eco-Friendly Campus

Resolution in Support of Healthy Campus Week at Fresno State

Resolution in Support of the Dedication of a Nelson Mandela Statue for the Fresno State Peace Garden

Resolution to Urge Fresno State to Establish a Veteran's Resource Center

Recognizing Fresno City Council District 4 and Fresno Police Department

Recognizing Council Member Paul Caprioglio

2016-2017 ASI Senate Resolutions

Resolution on the Proposed Extension of the Final Grading Deadline

2015-2016 ASI Senate Resolutions

Resolution to Urge the Fresno City Council to Disallow Building Restructure at 1470 Bulldog Lane

Resolution in Recognition of the Bulldog Alert System and Fresno State Police Department for Ensuring Student Safety and Well-Being

Resolution to Urge the Fresno State Foundation to Divest From the Republic of Turkey

Resolution to Urge the Fresno State Academic Senate to Reconsider Changing the Drop Deadline

2014-2015 ASI Senate Resolutions

Resolution on Safety at the Intersection of Bulldog Lane and Cedar Avenue

Armenian Genocide Proclamation from California State University, Fresno

2013-2014 ASI Senate Resolutions

ASI Senate Resolution Welcoming President Castro

Resolution Honoring Trustee Pete Mehas

Disclosure of Registered Sex Offenders Present on College Campuses in California

Governor's 14-15 Budget Proposal

Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

Resolution in Support of Senate Bill 1105

Resolution in Support of AB 2033 (Salas)

2012-2013 ASI Senate Resolutions

ASI Senate Resolution in Support of Proposition 30

Chancellor White Resolution

Third Tier & Super Senior Fee / Course Repeat Fee

Support of Gender and Sexual Orientation Minority Inclusivity

Governor's Proposed Funding for Higher Education in the 2013-14 Budget

Military-Style Drones on the Fresno State Campus

Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF)