Frequently Asked Questions

What are your walk-in hours?

Monday and Tuesday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Wednesday and Thursdays:  1:00 - 3:00 pm

 **There are no walk-in hours during the summer schedule**

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call the front desk at 559.278.2381 and our front desk staff will help you match your needs with the appropriate counselor. 

You can also schedule an appointment in person by coming into the office. 

Where are you located?

Thomas Building Room 103 (north of the rose garden)

Thomas Building Location


What do I do if I'm interested in career assessments?

  1. Call or visit Career Development Center to schedule an appointment with a counselor
  2. Complete the assessment(s) advised
  3. Return to the original counselor to review results

Can I have the log-in information to the Strong Interest Inventory?

Have you seen a counselor?

No: You must schedule an appointment with a counselor to identify what assessment(s) you will need and to receive the log-in information.

Yes: Contact the counselor you met with to make your request.

What is HireTopDogs?

HireTopDogs is a job posting site for Fresno State students and alumni that is free and easily accessible. HireTopDogs can be accessed from your Fresno State portal or from the Career Development Center website.

Where can I look for a job?

HireTopDogs provides job opportunities from employers who are interested in Fresno State students. Postings include part time jobs, full time jobs, on campus and off campus, internships, and federal work study opportunities.

Another way to look for jobs is by checking out the Fresno State Career Development Center website, clicking the students tab, and job search preparation. You can also make an appointment with a Career Counselor to fine tune your job search.

Where can I get a typing certificate?

Bennett Frost Personnel Services
6465 n. Palm, Suite 101
Fresno, CA, 93704

Clovis Adult School
1452 David E. Cook Way
Clovis, CA 93611

Denham Resources
1540 E. Shaw Ave., Suite 112
Fresno, CA 93710

 *Disclaimer: Some of the typing certificate providers listed above may charge fees*

Where can I apply for work study?

Contact Lisa McReynolds, Work Study Coordinator at 559.278.6566 for an appointment or go to the Financial Aid Office for assistance on how to apply. To qualify for work study students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student aid and have a demonstrated need. Students who qualify can check the Financial Aid Work Study Board and HireTopDogs (formerly BulldogLink) for federal work study job opportunities.

How do I know if I have work study?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need based employment program for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students. It allows students to work up to twenty hours a week on campus.

Please review your financial aid award letter and verify you have been offered Federal Work-Study. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

 **Note: Students awarded with Federal Work-Study will have up to fifteen days into the semester to find a position or their work study will be cancelled**

What is Workability IV?

The Workability IV program is open to all Fresno State students who are currently enrolled or taking classes through open university, and are consumers of Department of Rehabilitation. The program goal is to provide services to students with disabilities in order to provide the students tools and resources to assist them in their academics and careers for after graduation.

Who can I contact for the Workability IV program?

You can contact the following project developers:

Erica Ananian-Eastes, M.S.,C.R.C. 
Project Director/Instructor 
Phone: 559. 278.0125 
Fax: 559. 278.0132

David Keosheyan, M.S., C.R.C. 
Job Developer 
Phone: 559. 278.0129 
Fax: 559.278.0132

Where can I find writing workshops?

Contact the Writing Center for assistance such as tutoring or small writing groups. The Learning Center also offers online reading and writing workshops through the Student Lingo program.

Can I get advising from Career Development Center for classes?

No, please see your assigned advisor in Advising Services. If you have declared a major refer to your major advisor.

Where can I go to see what classes I’ll need next semester?

You can meet with your academic or major advisor to plan your classes, and/or visit the Online General Catalog to view your Degree Roadmap. The Roadmap suggests taking courses in specific semesters. However, there may be semesters when a course is not offered or you are unable to enroll in it. Meet with your advisor to determine how best to adjust your plan

Follow these steps to view your Degree Roadmap:

  1. Go to the Online Catalog Degrees and Programs page to locate your area of study
  2. Click on your area of study link
  3. Click on the Roadmap tab at the top 

Where can I go to get help with graduate school?

You can contact Career Development Center and schedule an appointment to go over graduate school options, programs, and applications. You can also contact the Division of Graduate Studies about prospective programs, testing, and more. 

Do you help with personal statements?

Contact the Writing Center to receive help with personal statements. You can contact the writing center at 559.278.0334.

Where can I take the GRE test?

When you register for the GRE you can chose your location for your testing site. Fresno State is a possible location. Please check with the Testing Services Office at Fresno State for more information.

Who do I contact regarding my HireTopDogs account?

You can contact Career Development Center by phone at 559.278.2381 and ask for Stephen Davis or Alex Rodriguez, or send an email to

How do I reserve a conference/interview room?

Please submit your request through HireTopDogs (formerly BulldogLink). All requests must be approved by Career Development Center. If there are any concerns regarding your request, you will be contacted by our Employer Services Specialist.

How do I register to post jobs?

Go to the Career Development Center homepage. Click on HireTopDogs Employer Login.  Please allow 1-2 days for your profile to be reviewed and approved by our staff. Once approved, you will be sent a system message welcoming you to HireTopDogs and you can begin to post a job. If you are unable to log in, you may not have been approved yet or your account was denied. If your account is denied, you will be sent a system message indicating possible reasons for account denial. If you are unsure if your profile has been approved, please contact Career Development Center and ask for Stephen Davis.

Where can I find students resumes?

To find student resumes through HireTopDogs, you must gain approval from Career Development Center. Contact Stephen Davis for access to Resume Books. Once approved, there will be a tab on your home page that states “Resume Books”. Click on this tab and it will display all of the resume book options available to you.

Can I pay on the phone with a credit card for the career fair?

Please contact Stephen Davis at Career Development Center for information regarding payment options.

What services can I receive after graduation?

Career Development Center provides assistance with resume writing and review, mock interviews, job search assistance, and networking tips. In addition, Alumni have access to HireTopDogs (formerly BulldogLink), career fairs, and on campus interviews.

How do I reserve a conference/interview room?

Please contact Career Development Center at 559.278.2381 and provide the following information to facilitate your request: room and date(s) needed, department name, contact name, contact phone number, and contact e-mail.  

Who does class presentations?

Career Counselors and Career Coaches provide classroom presentations upon request. Please contact Career Development Center at 559.278.2381 to schedule your presentation.