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On-Campus Student Employment

Fresno State supports the employment of it's students. Working on campus can serve to offset a portion of tuition costs, and also provide a practical and enriching experience.

The Career Development Center manages part-time on campus student employment for Fresno State students through HireFresnoState. There are two types of on-campus student employment:

  • Student Assistant: Students are employed by various offices on campus and work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Federal Work Study (FWS): Federal financial aid awarded to students. Students are employed by various offices on campus and wages are drawn against their work study award. For more information on applying for federal work study award, please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at 559.278.2182.

Eligibility: Must be a matriculated student, admitted to the university, and registered for 6 units with fees paid.

  • To view jobs on HireFresnoState go to
  • Click Sign in and log in using your username and password
  • In the My Menu box, click on HireFresnoState or visit and click on the HireFresnoState Student Log In link
  • To search for a job, select Job Search in the blue menu bar
  • Click on Job Type and select On Campus Student Assistant or On Campus Federal Work Study (if you qualify)
  • Click on Update button and save selection(s)
  • How to Apply: Upload a resume to your profile in order to apply for on-campus jobs and click on the Apply button on the position you are interested in.

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Internships are a way for you to connect your academic experience with the professional world. They help you develop your skills, gain exposure to work environments, and make you competitive in the job market.

Strategies for Locating an Internship

  • Register online on HireFresnoState and search under "Internships - Academic Credit", "Internships - Professional Experience", or "Community Service Scholarship Program".
  • Contact your department for information about the possibility of earning internship class credit.
  • Identify and research organizations where you may have an interest in applying. Check out websites of organizations where you might like to intern/work.
  • Attend Career and Internship Fairs held each semester.
  • Take full advantage of Workshops on interviewing and resume writing.
  • Register on Buzzfile and search for employers by major.
  • Network by speaking with family, friends, alumni, professors, and members of professional organizations.
  • Utilize LinkedIn to connect to professionals in your field.
  • Join a Fresno State Student Club or Organization which will help provide excellent opportunities to develop leadership skills, network with professional guest speakers and provide community service. Visit Fresno State's Engage website for a list of student clubs and organizations. 
  • Search online on or on HandsOn Central California, which offer databases of volunteer opportunities throughout Fresno County. Learn about other nonprofits on

For questions about all things internships, contact Mary Willis, University Internship Coordinator, by calling the Career Development Center at 559.278.2381 or emailing her at

Community Service Scholarship Program (CSSP)

Volunteer 75 or 150 hours with participating non-profit agencies, schools or government organizations in the four county service area (Fresno, Kings, Madera, or Tulare) served by Fresno State, earn 1 or 3 units of credit and a $875 or $1750 scholarship upon completion of hours.

How to Participate

  • Log-in to your HireFresnoState student account
  • Click on Job Search and click on Job Search again
  • Under Job Type, click on Community Service Scholarship Program and click Apply

The positions listed in HireFresnoState are the only open positions available for this program.

If hired, please call the Career Development Center at 559.278.2381 to make an appointment with Mary Willis, Campus Internship Coordinator and Career Counselor, to complete necessary paperwork and discuss requirements for the CSSP.


Scholarships count toward your financial aid package. If you have no Remaining Need, you may not be able to participate in the program. (To see if you have Remaining Need, log into your My Fresno State account; go to Student Center; select My Finances; click on View Financial Aid; select Aid Year at top of list; click on Financial Aid Summary; and look at Remaining Need amount. This must be at least $875 or $1750 or higher to earn the scholarship. If not, you might be able to increase your Remaining Need by reducing or declining one or more loan offer/s.) 

On-Campus Interviews

Twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters, employers primarily from business, industry and government visit our campus to interview Fresno State students, and alumni for internships and full time entry level career positions.

HireFresnoState is your web-based on-campus interview system. This system includes registration, resume submission and interview sign-ups 

Career and Internship Fairs

Career and Internship Fairs are held each semester to provide students with the opportunity to meet with multiple employers and discuss potential opportunities within their organization.

Prepare for the Career Fair

Career Fairs are networking events that allow students the opportunity to meet potential employers. Take the time to:

  • In advance, research the organizations attending the fair
  • Approach the employers in which you are interested
  • Introduce yourself and tell them what you like about their organization
  • Make contacts that you can follow up with during your job search

Before the Career Fair

Get Your Materials Together

  • Update your resume and bring 30 copies.
  • Make sure your professional clothes are cleaned and ironed.
  • Visit the Clothing Closet to obtain free professional clothing!

Research the Employers and Prioritize

  • Visit the Career Fairs link off of this website to see which employers will be attending the Career Fair

Prepare Your 30-Second Commercial

During the Career Fair

Dress Professionally

Strategize and Break the Ice

  • Approach a low priority employer first to practice your commercial
  • Keep your eyes and ears open—there’s nothing wrong with eavesdropping on the questions asked and answers received by your fellow career fair attendees. You might pick up some valuable information!

Speaking with Employers

  • Initiate conversation with your 30-second commercial, using a firm handshake to make a great first impression
  • Show enthusiasm by smiling and speaking clearly
  • Ask for a business card and take notes on back after you walk away for follow up
  • End conversation with a thank you

After the Career Fair  

Immediate follow through

  • Send thank you emails to all employers to whom you spoke
  • Follow through on submitting any information that you promised

In the next few weeks

  • Review your goals and company selection criteria
  • Re-prioritize the companies for which you would most like to work
  • Create a method for managing and recording your follow up (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet of contacts)


Job Search Web Resources

HireFresnoState is a web-based job and internship database where students and alumni can search for career positions, internships, part-time positions, and on-campus opportunities, as well as sign-up for on-campus interviews.

LinkedIn 101: Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job Before You Graduate

LinkedIn is helping soon-to-be grads from around the country tap into their professional community—whether they realize they have one already or not.

Trying to land your dream career out of the gate is a tall order. But here’s the good news: There are roughly 11 million job openings per month in America at any given time. Sure, you don’t want all those jobs, but you want some of them—and some of them want you!

LinkedIn connects qualified candidates with companies and organizations that crave top talent. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to snagging a seat at the professional table before graduation.

Why LinkedIn?

  • 80% of LinkedIn members consider professional networking to be important to new job opportunities and career success, according to LinkedIn research.
  • 70% of people were hired at a company where they had a connection
  • More than 20 million professionals including recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers use LinkedIn every week

With 530+ million professionals in the LinkedIn community, there is no other place where you can access such a wide range of knowledge, skills and resources to help you reach your goals.

Let LinkedIn Do the Work for You

Searching for careers can seem like a daunting task. More than a quarter of professionals say they have no time to search for new job opportunities.

But worry not, with search alerts you can get notifications and updates to a saved search via email or shared with you on LinkedIn. Use advanced search filters to narrow down opportunities by industry, location, experience level and more. Once your filtered search is set, simply create the alert.

Let recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities by simply flipping a switch on your LinkedIn profile. It’s called Open Candidates, and yes, it’s that easy. Open Candidates is accessible from the “Preferences” tab on the LinkedIn Jobs home page.

By flipping the switch, you privately signal to recruiters that you’re interested in new opportunities. Don’t forget to update your career interests. This helps you appear in the search results that recruiters are regularly scouring. Additionally, this helps inform the daily job recommendations LinkedIn sends you and surfaces on the jobs homepage.

Discover Your Earning Potential

LinkedIn Salary has tapped into its network of more than 530 million members to give you deep salary insights into the compensation landscape. You can also dig deeper into compensation insights about specific companies you’re interested in so when the time comes to talk money, you’re ready. 

This tool includes average salary, bonus, and equity data for specific job titles, and the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level

Connect with Alumni

One of the easiest ways for students and alumni to make connections is through the LinkedIn Alumni tool. It’s an easy way to explore your alumni network for people who graduated from your same school, where they work now and in what cities. Simply search for your school and select “see alumni” to get started. You can access career paths for more than 23,000 colleges and universities worldwide.

Entrepreneur? Create Your Own Job - Become a Freelancer

  • Nearly 20% of freelancers confirmed they'll make six figures or more this year with their freelance work, according to LinkedIn
  • More than half of freelancers confirmed that they will never return to more traditional, full-time employment
  • 80% of freelancers do not actually have any concern about their freelance work being replaced by technology, artificial intelligence, or automation in the next 10-20 years.

LinkedIn ProFinder started as an idea that has grown into a vibrant marketplace being used by more than 70,000 freelance professionals across the nation. LinkedIn has seen client demand surge with weekly requests for proposals growing more than fivefold in one year.

Seek Career Advice from Others

  • More than 80% of professionals on LinkedIn have stated they either want to have a mentor or be one to others
  • More than half don’t know where to begin and more than one-third have a hard time finding the right person

LinkedIn launched Career Advice, a new feature that helps connect members across the LinkedIn network with one another for lightweight mentorship opportunities. Whether you need advice on your career path, switching to a new industry or best practices for a project you’re working on, Career Advice can help you find and connect with the right person who can help.

Learn the Skills Needed for Your Next Gig

  • One-third of job-seekers have expressed concern that they don’t have the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market
  • Many people who are looking for work from home jobs use LinkedIn learning to gain the skills needed to be an ideal candidate for remote work.

With LinkedIn Learning, you can now access a gigantic database of online courses on topics from coding and graphic design to public speaking. And here’s the best part: each course is typically sliced up into very manageable 5-10 minute learning chunks. Learning a new skill over the course of a week quickly becomes very achievable.

What Now? - Get Started

Create or update your LinkedIn profile today. This provides other LinkedIn members with a better understanding of the unique skills, interests, and experience that make you — you.

  • Make sure you have a profile photo - it will help get you recognized and connect to potential opportunities. Members with a profile photo receive up to 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests.
  • Members with current positions are discovered up to 16x more in recruiter searches
  • Members with more than 5 skills are 27x more likely to be discovered in searches by recruiters
  • Including the city where you are based makes you stand out up to 23x in searches

Bonus: Check out Resume Assistant, a new integration from Microsoft and LinkedIn that acts as a resume generator and helps you craft a compelling document directly within Microsoft Word.

Fraudulent Job Postings

Employers post hundreds of great opportunities for our students and alumni on our on-line job board, HireFresnoState. Despite our monitoring of incoming postings, there are occasional fraudulent postings. It is important as a job seeker to carefully review job postings listed on HireFresnoState for signs of potential fraud. Click on the following links for more information: 

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Note: The above content or form may not be viewable on a mobile device

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