The Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Picture

Summer Bridge is a three-week program that supports the transition of first-time freshmen to the university. The program is designed to provide:

  • An orientation-to-college experience that offers students information and tools to successfully navigate the campus,
  • An opportunity to enhance math and English skill levels,
  • Support systems and student advocates.

What happens in Summer Bridge?

  • Students take a math and writing course designed to fulfill the Early Start requirement.
  • Students who pass the Math Challenge Exam will receive 3 units of credit and complete the math remediation requirement.
  • Students who pass the writing course will receive 3 units of credit
  • Student will be a part of a learning academy where they will receive support from an instructor, a counselor, tutors and other peers.

Summer Bridge helps students:

  • Become familiar with the campus
  • Prepare to meet the demands of college life
  • Understand academic expectations
  • Meet other students, faculty and staff
  • And much more!

How long is the 2017 Summer Bridge Program?

  • Sunday, July 9th through Friday, July 28th