Financial Aid Proration Information


Initial Federal and State financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment.  Disbursements begin about a week before classes start for the semester and continue twice a week through the middle of the semester and weekly thereafter.

Prior to each disbursement, enrollment is verified and aid is recalculated according to your enrollment status. Dropping units after receiving financial aid may require repayment of some or all of the aid you received.

Award amounts are finalized based on enrollment, and not recalculated thereafter, as of Census. For Fall 2020, this is September 16, 2020.

Other important information:

  • Students enrolled in a Teacher Credential Program, must have course enrollment verified for Federal Pell Grant and Cal Grant funds. Eligible funds should be disbursed by census (September 16, 2020).
  • Eligibility for most financial aid programs is prorated based on enrollment at the time of the disbursement
  • To cancel all or a portion of Teach Grant, Nursing Loan, or Federal Direct Loan Funds after they are disbursed, you must provide the Financial Aid Office with a cancellation request no later than 14 days from the date of the disbursement.

If you are no longer planning to attend for the semester, it is your responsibility to withdrawal from all classes.  Charges will begin to accrue as of the 1st day of instruction.  

For more detailed information on proration, including how awards are prorated based on enrollment, click here.