How to Adult

A NEW series of workshops this year to help students be successful outside the classroom. 

Please sign up using the registration links for each workshop below. Each workshop has limited seating and will only be open to those who sign up in advance.


  • Making Your Financial Aid Last 
    September 14, 11am-12pm, USU 312-314
  • Kitchen and Life Safety and How to Yell
    September 18, 5-8pm, FFS 108
  • Starting a Walking Program
    September 24, 9-10am, Library 2206
  • Knife Skills
    October 16, 5-8pm, FFS 108
  • Get on the Bus
    October 29, 2-3pm, Library 3212
  • Online Privacy: What the Internet Knows About You
    November 5, 10-11am, Library 3212
  • Who’s on Your Team
    November 8, 11-12pm, Library 2206
  • Super-Duper Soups
    November 13, 5-8pm, FFS 108
  • Frugal Gift Making
    December 5, 3-4pm, Library 3212