Introducing the PAWdcast

We are bringing conversations around health and wellness to students via podcasts. Hosted by our Peer Ambassador of Wellness (PAW) volunteers, this series will engage campus experts in conversations to support the development of healthy habits during changing times. 

Follow us @FSHealthCenter as we announce the weekly release of our new PAWdcast series or check back here weekly to listen to episodes as they become available. 

Virtual Learning

Tips for surviving and thriving in our current virtual learning environment.

Student Resources

Fresno State resources available to support you personally and academically.


Self-care strategies, how to fit it in, and ways to get creative.

Staying Physically Active

Physical activity, how much you need, how to fit it in and have fun.


How to build, maintain and improve all of the relationships in our lives. 


How to create and maintain balance in your school, work and personal responsibilities.


What it is, what it isn't, how to recognize it, and how to break the stigma of seeking help.


Understanding and coping with anxiety resources available to Fresno State students.


Ways to build a healthy diet and resources to help you maintain a nutritious lifestyle. 

Hunger and Homelessness

Explore the topic of basic needs resources for hunger and homelessness.

Art and Mental Health

Let's talk about the intersection between art, mental health and our overall health and well-being.


Tips and tools to help you stress less plus resources at your fingertips to help you succeed.

New Year, New You

Learn to set goals, keep the motivation alive, and add healthy habits into your routine in 2021.

Academic Success

What it is, how to achieve it, and how to maximize your higher education experience along the way.

Sexual Health

Let's talk about sex, sexual health, consent, and taking charge of your body. 

Alone Together

Explore what it means to be "alone together" and strategies for maintaining connections during the pandemic.

Financial Aid for Food

Food, finances, and resources to support your grocery budget with up $204 a month.

Campus Connections

Simple steps for starting conversations and making connections outside of the classroom.


What is mindfulness and meditation, how to practice it, and a practice you can try from your own home.

Grief and Loss

How grief and loss may be more common then you think and resources to support the journey.

Diversity and Identity

Together we explore our identities and embrace and celebrate our diversity.

Survivor Advocacy

Meet our Survivor Advocate and how to respond to a disclosure of sexual assault or dating/domestic violence.

Career Readiness

Identify and build confidence in your career path, land an interview for your dream job, and find resources to help.


What it is, isn't, how it supports wellness and why how we talk to ourselves is as important as how we talk to others.

Courageous Leadership

How to lead with vulnerability, lean into your values, build trust and learn to rise even after you fall

Study Smart

Learn techniques to support learning and memory so you can study smart for final exams.