After You Apply

After you have applied to Fresno State, follow these simple steps:

  • Wait for acknowledgment letter/email from Admissions Office containing your student ID number (within 10 days of application).
  • Create Your Email Account at Click here for a tutorial.
  • Click on: Create your Fresno State student account. Click here for a tutorial.
  • Follow directions. Choose your user name wisely; ( you will need your Fresno State ID # and Birthdate)
  • Check your Student Center. Your student center is a web-based one stop shop where you can check the status of your admission or financial aid, register for classes, pay fees, and access the schedule of courses, catalog, and much, much more!
  1. Go to
  2. Under My Menu, click on “Student Self Service”
  3. Click on “Student Center”
  4. Check your application/admission status, enrollment date, your To Do List, and Accept/Decline

Keep in Mind

  • Create your Fresno State email account: Our campus provides you with online access to your application status. Before you can view the status of your application, you will need to obtain a free Fresno State email account at   Click the ‘Get an account now’ link below the Sign In box on the left side of the screen. You will need to enter your student ID number listed at the top of this letter to create a user ID and password.

  • After creating your user ID and password, you can view the status of your application by navigating to ‘Student Self Service > Student Center’. If you need help, you can call our Help Desk at (559) 278-7000.

  • All future correspondence from the admissions office will be done via your Fresno State email account. It is important that you check your account frequently to receive important updates on your application since mailings via the post office will not be sent.

  • When to submit transcripts: Freshman applicants are required to submit one official high school transcript with your final senior grades and high school graduation date posted after you are admitted to Fresno State. If you have not graduated yet,please do not send your high school transcript until after your graduation date.

  • Check your To Do List or Holds frequently: Depending on your specific situation, you may have additional items or holds that need to be cleared. You can see if there are any pending items by accessing your ‘To Do List’ and ‘Important Info & Holds’ found on the right hand side of the website under ‘Student Self Service > Student Center’. Click on ‘details’ to see specific information on your pending items. As application materials are received they will be removed from your To Do List on your Student Center.