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American Indian Recruitment and Resource Initiative


Welcome to the American Indian Recruitment and Resource Initiative page at Fresno State! Fresno State is located in the central valley of California, an area that is rich in tribal history. One of our ways of celebrating that history is through our commitment to actively recruiting American Indian students to the campus and supporting them through graduation. 

Choosing the college that you want to attend is an important decision and we are committed to helping you make the best choice. Fresno State is a great choice for academic achievement and preparing yourself for the workforce and your future. We understand that when you choose a college campus, that it will be your home for several years. We understand that for a place to feel like home, you need to feel connected and supported. There are Native American cultural events happening throughout the year on and off campus. During the month of November we celebrate Native American month by planning various events, hosting several Native speakers, and showing films. In April we host our annual Native Family Education Conference and Pow wow. There is also a Native American student club and a Native American alumni club.

Going to college can also be a big expense and you may be worried that you won’t be able to afford the cost. Fresno State is the most reasonable university of all the CSU’s and our staff can assist you in applying for scholarships and grants so that you can focus on academics. 

Please explore our website and when you’re ready give us a call or send us an email to schedule your visit to our campus. We will give you presentation on Fresno State, give you a tour and discuss majors that you are interested in studying!