Fresno State Talks

Reception 6:30pm // Lecture at 7:00pm // Satellite Student Union

Wednesday, February 8 // Dr. Joy Goto
Serendipity, Discovery, and Joy in Chemistry

Chemistry as a field of science is well-defined as the study of the identification of the state of matter and how it combines, mixes, and changes. There are principles that explain how matter changes, but there are also forces that while defined can have effects that are not fully predictable. Much of my academic life has been a series of ups, downs, changes, and transformations that have shaped my outlook on teaching, mentoring, and research. This Talk will convey my story as a scientist and teacher and the people, places, and molecules that paved my way.

Wednesday, February 15 // Dr. Matthew Ari Jendian
FORWARD TOGETHER: Valuing Differences & Mobilizing Similarities to Achieve Common Goals

Who are you? Who am I? What are the dimensions of diversity that make us who we are? What are our differences and what are our commonalities? How do we move forward from here?  Now, as much as ever, we must reflect on the following quote from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:   “UNITY IS THE GREAT NEED OF THE HOUR." While there are many things that can separate us from each other and prevent us from coming together, we must recognize the interconnectedness of human beings.  How do we recognize and value our differences while at the same time recognizing and mobilizing around our similarities in order to move forward and achieve common goals?

Wednesday, February 22 // Dr. Timothy Skeen
The Times They Are a Changin’: Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan and the Beat Poets

Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize in Literature begs the question, What are the differences and similarities between song writers and poets?  The influence on Dylan’s music of folk and blues singers such as Woody Guthrie and Son House is widely known, but what are Dylan’s literary influences?  Does he have bona fide literary roots with American Beat poets such as Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka, Diane di Prima and Jack Kerouac?  This Talk will explore Bob Dylan as a song writer and poet.


Fresno State Talks is a student-selected lecture series featuring outstanding faculty who exemplify the University's values of Discovery, Diversity, and Distinction. The honored faculty members deliver a lecture on a topic of expertise, interest, or experience. 

Nominations are solicited from students by asking 'What professor inspires you?". Students are encouraged to recognize a professor that has made a difference, challenged them to think differently, or taken the time to ensure learning.

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