University Testing Center


  • Monday, Dec 15th-8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, Dec. 16th-8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wed., Dec. 17th- 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thurs., Dec. 18th- 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Mission Statement

The University Test Center (UTC) is a campus facility that helps both faculty and students with their testing needs. We provide a proctored, secure, quiet, relaxing environment for test takers. Our facility gives the option for faculty to set up a multi-day testing window which gives faculty more lecture time and allows students to organize their own test taking schedules. We also provide scantron grading and in depth exam analysis reports for faculty. We are determined to give both faculty and students the most efficient and relaxing form of testing available.


University Testing Center Policies and Procedures.

At the beginning of the semester complete the Semester Schedule Request form listing all exams you would like the UTC to proctor (approximate dates are fine) This is what ensures your class a spot during busy times. You can send this form to

Inform your students of the UTC procedures and the operational hours during your testing period. A form for your students is available on our website.

The UTC can provide Scantron forms for multiple-choice exams. Other forms or materials are not provided (i.e. bluebooks, alternate Scantron forms, etc.). However, we can proctor exams utilizing those materials.

Complete a UTC Testing Cover Sheet and UTC Scantron Answer Key (if applicable) for each scheduled exam. The Scantron Answer Key may be sent to your campus mailbox or you can pick them up in our office.

Faculty forms are available at the links below.


  • Use number 2 pencils ONLY
  • DO NOT skip any numbers. (Scanner will stop reading the scantron once a number is skipped)
  • Deliver all needed testing materials (testing cover sheet, copies of the exam, answer key if applicable, etc.) to the University Testing Center. Materials are needed before 3pm the day BEFORE your exam begins. (Same day drop offs will not be accepted) Any exams received after 3:00 pm will not be available for students to test until one full business day later.
  • Completed exams can be picked up by you or a designated individual (i.e. graduate assistant, department staff, etc.). The UTC staff must know who this individual is and they must show proper, picture ID upon pick-up of your exams. We do not return any exams via campus mail.

FINALS WEEK INFO: The University Testing Center needs ALL finals dropped off by 3pm the Friday BEFORE finals week. Any final dropped off later then 3pm will not begin until Tuesday. Finals WILL NOT be accepted on finals week.

***New Policies***

  • Scantron score reports will no longer be printed unless requested on coversheet.
  • Due to the volume of tests we administer we now need exams to be printed double sided to save on filing space.
  • If you have an SSD student just include in the UTC exams and SSD will pick up from us and return it when completed.

For more information you can contact the University Test Center at



If you are a nonFresno State student interested in scheduling an exam then please go back to the home page and click on the Office of Testing Services link. The University Test Center only gives Fresno State exams for our students and cannot make appointments.

If you are a Fresno State student and have any questions about your exam please contact your instructor. If you have questions regarding the University Test Center then please view the Student FAQ’s link below.