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Director of Classroom Technologies, Operations & Networks - Mike Garvey

Classroom Technology & Video Conferencing (CTV)

CTV provides design and installation, training, and on-going support of instructional technology in the classroom. This technology includes, but is not limited to, video/data projectors, document cameras, and touch button control systems. CTV works closely with schools and colleges to recommend, design, and install technology in labs and conference rooms. Technical support is provided to video conference rooms and distance learning facilities, both on and off campus. CTV also provides training and support to faculty using audience response systems in the classroom. An inventory of mobile equipment, such as portable video/data projectors and public address systems, is available for check-out to faculty and staff.

Field Operations

Field Operations provides multiple voice communications services to the campus which includes maintaining the outside copper and fiber plant, programming, enhancing, and maintaining a new voice over IP (VoIP) phone system along with providing standard voicemail and call center services. Installing and upgrading the intra-building communications cabling is also part of this group's responsibility.

Network Engineering

Networking manages and maintains the hardware, monitoring tools and operating systems that make up the campus wired and wireless network.

Telecommunications Billing

Telecommunications billing is responsible for gathering, processing, and posting of all phone related billing on campus.


Director of Infrastructure and Systems, Interim Director of Client Services - Brad Barker

Database Technology & Application Security

 The Database Technology & Application Security provides database management, change management and security services in support of the administrative information systems used at Fresno State.

Specific functions include:

  • Provide application technical support and systems change control
  • Perform upgrades, updates, and migrations of local and vendor delivered products
  • Review and schedule technical environment upgrades and updates
  • Perform campus database administration functions, including database backup, recovery, patches and upgrades
  • Coordinate with other Technology Services teams, TILT Operations, and CMS Help Desk
  • Submit projects to CMS Help Desk for implementation
  • Design and maintain application security and workflow
  • Maintain a focus on technical infrastructure

Desktop Support/Professional Services

Desktop Support/Professional Services provides desk-side support to end-users and the support work related to desktops and laptops. These services include the setup, maintenance and repair of desktop/laptop computers. Desktop Support/Professional Services work with IT Liaisons to deliver desktop support to units including Colleges, Schools and Divisions.

IT Liaisons

An IT Liaison is the on-site presence to provide a response to service requests within units including Colleges, Schools and Divisions for those matters where the Help Desk cannot directly provide support. An IT Liaison is available to faculty, staff and students in the units to provide first contact resolution, on-site consultation, and coordinate the response of central IT resources for service requests within a unit. IT Liaisons seek to deliver IT services in a manner that is aligned with the priorities and practices of the central IT and the unit. 

Systems, Storage and Infrastructure Applications

 Systems, Storage and Infrastructure Applications is responsible for the server environment supporting central campus services including calendaring, email, web-servers, network infrastructure services, and the campus portal. This environment includes the hardware, operating systems and storage systems associated with these servers.

In addition to supporting the server environment, the Systems staff is directly responsible for supporting the services provided to the campus for calendaring, email, and web-servers. They are also tasked with supporting aspects of the network infrastructure services including DNS and DHCP.

This group also provides support for departmental servers used by a variety of academic and administrative units on campus.


Interim Director of Enterprise Applications and Information Systems, Deputy Chief Information Officer - Robert Guinn

PeopleSoft Financials Support

Provides technical, development, and maintenance support for PeopleSoft financials. Works in close relationship with accounting and payroll to provide timely and accurate financial records.

PeopleSoft Human Resources Support

Provides technical, development, and maintenance support for the Human resource components within PeopleSoft. Works in conjunction with Human resources to provide assets with My Fresno State portal for employees.

PeopleSoft Student Administration Support

Provides technical, development, and maintenance support for student administration within the My Fresno State portal. Works with Admissions, Records, and Evaluations as well as the Scheduling Office to provide class schedules and student class registration.

Service and Project Management Group

The Service and Project Management Group works to instill and facilitate the service and project delivery best practices within Technology Services to more effectively realize project outcomes and service expectations.


Manager of the Service Desk - Mike Pronovost

Service Desk

The Service Desk staffs our campus Help Desk, delivers call routing and dispatch services for technology-related support calls and provides operational support for our service management practice.

The Help Desk provides first level telephone, online, and email support for the entire campus community. Telephone support is available from 7:00a.m. to 9:00p.m., Monday-Friday; and from 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. During the Summer, Telephone support is available from 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m., Monday-Friday; and from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. on Saturday. Help Desk walk-in hours, year round, are from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday.


Chief Information Officer - Orlando Leon

Information Security

Information Security keeps Fresno State's data, networks, communications systems, computers, and other information technology resources safe and secure from known and predictable threats in a university environment that promotes ease of access and use.

Our goal is to maintain the highest achievable levels of protection of our information technology assets and reduce the overall threats to those assets. We leverage the abilities and resources within Fresno State to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the university's information resources.