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The PMO has created a Project Intake Process in order to facilitate and manage the flow of project requests coming into Technology Services. A new online, Project Request form will be submitted by the requester to initiate the Intake Process.

The Project Request Form process is a service offered by the Project Management Office at Fresno State. The process includes identification of the various elements required for successful IT project delivery, including analysis of risk and long-term sustainability. The service supports decision-making processes that enable Technology Services to engage with our education community and to collaboratively develop, evaluate and review project ideas.

The end result of this process is a funded, strategically aligned, feasible project request/idea, that is reviewed by appropriate committees or business stakeholders. The procedure stages an approved project request for project initiation where a project charter is developed and a project manager is assigned.


Benefits of the Intake Process

  • Streamlined Intake process defines expectations
  • Objective criteria is used for selection and prioritization of projects
  • Projects are scheduled when time and resources are available
  • Workload is balanced vs peaks and valleys
  • Projects and commitments are visible and success is measurable
  • Clearly defined workflows become the norm
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities make us more efficient
  • Reduces or eliminate waste

How does the information provided in the request help?

  • The information provided in the project request helps to better:

    • Understand factors such as strategic alignment, financial requirements, people resources, risks and timing constraints that may affect the project
    • Assess long-term sustainability and feasibility of the project's solution
    • Provide valuable information for project sponsors, collaborators and team members for dialogue, collaborative decision-making, and project progression purposes
    • Provide visibility into IT work
    • Identify who needs to be involved in or informed of decisions regarding the request
    • Create a solid foundation of information related to the project and overall portfolio

Benefits of Prioritizing Projects

  • A prioritization matrix or criteria supports structured decision-making in the following ways:
  • Helps prioritize complex or unclear issues when there are multiple criteria for determining importance
  • Provides a quick and easy, yet consistent, method for evaluating options
  • Takes some of the emotion out of the process
  • Quantifies the decision with numeric rankings
  • When used with a group of people, it facilitates reaching agreement on priorities and key issues
  • Facilitates conversations about what is important
  • Establishes process transparency and accountability
  • Rates projects based on strategic alignment, value to the customer and technological risk
  • Prioritization ensures that resources are allocated appropriately and according to priorities

Rating Sheet: Why are we using a rating criteria?

To help us in deciding how to evaluate and separate the high priority projects from the lower priority projects. The rating criteria provides a structured and quantifiable approach to decision making and the prioritization of projects. The matrix provides a means for ranking project requests based on criteria that are determined to be important.