Service Management

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Technology Services is committed to improving the customer service experience and we are pleased to announce a new ticketing system coming Fall 2019.

We have selected TeamDynamix as the new “ticketing system” to be used by the campus community to submit technology related work orders.

  • What are we doing?
    • We are replacing our ticketing system with TeamDynamix
    • We are addressing our Priority 5, Goal 3, in accordance with our TS strategic plan:
      • To foster campus partnerships emphasizing a commitment to helpful and proactive service, transparency, responsiveness and continuous improvement 
  • Why are we doing it?
    • We are improving service delivery and customer service
    • To communicate clearly the types of tools and services offered to the campus community
    • To create and publish a comprehensive service catalog listing all the services offered and how to request or receive services
    • We are organizing our list of services in a more intuitive and informative way
    • To empower users to be more self-sufficient
  • New features include:
    • Service pages that provide information about each Service
    • Customized forms to collect service-specific information
    • Requests are assigned directly to the technicians responsible for providing services
    • Enhanced reporting and analysis capability
    • Self-service capability
      • Improved user interface
      • Ability to initiate a service request
      • Ability to check on status of your service request
      • Knowledgebase (KB Articles) relating to IT Services
      • Powerful search functionality 
  • When are we doing it?
    • TeamDynamix IT Service Management soft launch in Summer 2019
    • Formal Launch in Fall 2019
  • Next Steps:
    • Convene the Change Advocates committee in early spring 2019
    • Create our service catalog
    • Training of Technology Service staff


Highlights of TeamDynamix Service Management

  • Ticketing/Incident Tracking
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Change Management
  • Asset Configuration
  • Service Catalog/Knowledge Base
  • Release Control
  • Student/Faculty Portal
  • Integrated Remote Access

Our new client portal will contain our Service Catalog, which describes the services we offer and the ability to request those services online.  The implementation of a service catalog is an important step in transforming from a technology-oriented organization into a service-oriented organization and enables the organizational focus to shift from technology components to services that facilitate university outcomes.

Building a solid foundation based on ITIL standards

Our goal is to improve our service delivery following best practices that include the following:

  • Categorize incidents and service requests by differentiating one from the other
  • Establish clear criteria for triaging incoming requests to determine their urgency, set reasonable resolution targets and determine appropriate escalation protocols
  • Provide outstanding customer service by promoting a culture of courteous service, which fosters better relationships and congruent expectations
  • Hold IT accountable by using data to guide improvement strategies, spending time on projects rather than fighting fires, and fulfilling more service requests than incidents