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NOTICE: We are currently experiencing a delay in processing Bulldog Cards. There could be up to a two week wait to receive your card. If you have received notification that your photo submission was approved, you will receive your card in the mail. If you have not received a link to submit your photo, please email us at idcard@mail.fresnostate.edu.

If you have an immediate need for your card, please email us.

We have notified various areas on campus so you can access services without interruption by showing your government issued ID and your Student ID number. Please email us if you are denied services because you do not have a Fresno State ID card.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Contact the Bulldog Card Office for any questions: 559.278.5608 | idcard@mail.fresnostate.edu

Please Note: Students who are new to Fresno State will automatically receive an email with their personal photo sumbission link and instructions after attending Dog Days Orientation. 
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The Bulldog Card Office is CLOSED to in person services until further notice.

Due to the COVID-19 virus we will no longer be taking in-person student ID card photos. Instead, photos will be accepted via a personal link sent to your email address. For further instructions on the submission prcoess visit the online submission tab to the left. If you did not recieve an email, please reach out to the Bulldog Card Office.The photo you submit will be used on your Bulldog Card.

The biggest issue that will delay your bulldog card is your photo not meeting the US passport standards. Please follow the US Passport submission guidelines to avoid having your photo rejected.

  • Your Bulldog Card gives you access to free services and events on campus.
  • The card is the official debit card of campus.
  • Add and manage funds online through Transact, and use your card at various places on campus.
  • Click here to learn more the benefits
Terms and Conditions

The Bulldog Card is the property of Fresno State. Terms and conditions  do apply.