Click here to view Fresno State's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank.

New Students

How do I receive a refund from Fresno State?

Our school delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information:

View Fresno State's contract (found in the U.S. Department of Education Compliance Handbook) with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank.

After registering for classes, a refund preference must be selected by doing the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on "Helpful Student Resources"
  3. Select "Student Self Service"
  4. Click on "BankMobile Refund Selection"
  5. Choose a refund preference

You can change your refund preference at any time for future refunds.

There are two refund preferences to choose from:

  1. DEPOSIT TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT – Money is transferred to an existing account the same business day BankMobile receives funds from your school.  Typically, it takes 1 – 2 business days for the receiving bank to credit the money to your account.
  2. DEPOSIT TO A BANKMOBILE VIBE ACCOUNT – If you open a BankMobile Vibe checking account (upon identity verification), money is deposited the same business day BankMobile receives funds from your school.

Please note, if you do not choose a refund preference, your refund may be delayed by approximately four weeks.

To view a list of fees associated with the BankMobile Vibe Checking account, click here.

Need help? Call Student Accounts at 559.278.2876, email us at, or refer to the Accounting Services Money Matters webpage. A BankMobile customer service phone is also located on the first floor in the Joyal Administration building, South Lobby next to the Cashiering Services windows for your use.