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The following information provides a general checklist for staff, faculty, and administrators planning to retire.  If you have not set-up your myCalPERS account to view and run estimates, please log in to my|CalPERS set-up your account.  

One Year Before RetirementResearch your Options

  • Set-up your myCalPERS account.
  • Attend an on-campus CalPERS retirement planning workshop sponsored by Human Resources or log in to your my|CalPERS account enroll in upcoming online classes or instructor led classes and events.  You may also schedule a one-on-one appointment with CalPERS by calling the Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).
  • Review your finances and/or discuss your plans with a financial planner
  • Review options for purchasing eligible CalPERS service credits (i.e., Difference-in Pay Leaves,  Annual Sabbatical, unpaid Maternity, Military, Service Prior to Membership).  The Service credit election form must be received by CalPERS prior to your retirement date.
  • Select a (tentative) retirement date and request an estimate of your monthly retirement allowance from CalPERS.

          Retirement Allowance Estimate Request
          Community Property Retirement Allowance Estimate Request

  • Review the “Frequently asked questions” document regarding retirement on the 

Within Six Months: Contact the Human Resources Benefits Office – schedule a retirement session and a review of benefits. Spouses and/or partners are welcome to attend.  

HR Benefits Contact



Staff, Faculty, Administrators, Coaches, Police

Juanita Aguilar

(559) 278-2032

  • During the meeting, HR Benefits will review: Retirement Date, Health benefits after retirement, Eligible dependent benefits, Survivor continuation, Beneficiary options and instructions for notifying your department in writing or by email. 
  • Contact Social Security for Social security and Medicare counseling (if applicable) 

Within 90 days - 120 days prior to Retirement date:  Complete Retirement Application

Submit your CalPERS application online via your my|CalPERS or in person.   Log in to your my|CalPERS account to schedule an appointment with a representative in a CalPERS office if submitting a hardcopy application.

Notify your Department and Human Resources of your retirement in writing by email or letter.  

Faculty retiring and requesting participation in FERP for the next academic year will need the contact HR Benefits Contact or Faculty Affairs for deadline date for request letter.

30 Days prior to retirement or 30 days prior to last day at work

Schedule appointment to meet with HR Benefits Contact to complete the Fresno State Check-Out Process.

  • During our meeting, an Employer Verification form for Medicare Part B will be provided.   Form will need to be provide to Social Security/Medicare with application for Part B.   *There are many other rules associated with Medicare enrollment including penalties for not enrolling in Part B at Retirement, moving out of the country, and deferring Part B.   Please schedule an appointment with Social Security.
  • Transition in to retiree benefits, if eligible
  • If you will be age 65 or are already 65+ when you retire, our office will discuss your options for Medicare
  • Reporting time in Absence Management, returning ID, Parking, keys, books, lap tops, and equipment to the appropriate department

 60 days AFTER Retirement date

  • Log in to your my|CalPERS  and check your Retirement check to ensure your Health plan and Dental plan deductions are reflected on your retirement check.  

     Medical Plan                        $
     CSU Retiree Dental Plan     $ 

  • If you enrolled in the voluntary Vision Services Plan (VSP) plan, VSP will invoice you for the first three months.  Your deduction should appear on your retirement check by the 4th month.    

 Additional Information

Congratulations on your successful retirement!  If you have any questions regarding benefits please email us at: