Our study abroad programs (summer 2021) are postponed.
Despite global efforts to roll out COVID vaccines, the foreseeable future poses continued risks and significant uncertainty for international travel.

Study Abroad in Italy (Summer 2022)

ITAL 160T "Made in Italy", Florence (NEW DATES TBA)
Zero-cost materials
Prerequisite: N/A

This interdisciplinary course, taught in English, offers an introductory view of Italian culture and economy through their most representative aspects: food culture, art, music, fashion, hospitality, and agriculture. Students will also be engaged in exciting group activities, workshops, excursions, and field trips in and around the beautiful city of Florence, famous for its art, food, and fashion.

ITAL 1A/1B "Elementary Italian", Salerno (NEW DATES TBA)
G.E. Breadth C2, Zero-cost materials
Prerequisite for ITAL 1A: N/A
Prerequisite for ITAL 1B: ITAL 1A or permission of instructor recommended

This program offers not only immersion in the Italian language through coursework and hosts family arrangements, but also an introduction to the warm culture of the Campania region of Italy through exciting group activities, excursions, and field trips.

For inquiries, contact Dr. Andrea Polegato