Minor in Italian Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor in Italian Studies (starting Fall 2020)

The Minor in Italian Studies strives to enrich the life experiences of students and connect them with our local community through courses on campus, study abroad education, service-learning opportunities, and cultural activities. Open to students in all majors, this program emphasizes the contributions of Italian culture to global innovation in all human endeavors.

For inquiries, contact Dr. Andrea Polegato

Minor in Italian Studies Requirements

Lower-division courses in Italian (ITAL 1A, 1B) (8 units)
Upper-division courses in Italian (ITAL 100 and another Italian upper-division course) (6 units)
Approved electives* (6 units)
Total (20 units)

Note: The Italian Studies Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

* The list of Approved Elective Courses for the Minor in Italian Studies includes the elective courses most directly concerned. For further information, consult Dr. Andrea Polegato (apolegato@csufresno.edu).

Email Dr. Andrea Polegato apolegato@csufresno.edu to receive your individual minor plan. Most likely, you already have some elective courses that are count toward the minor in Italian Studies.

Useful Links:
Minor in General Catalog

Approved Elective Courses

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Dr. Andrea Polegato