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Club Austral

Club Austral is a Fresno State organization founded by Spanish majors in 2008. The purpose of our organization is to promote cultural awareness at Fresno State  about the Hispanic culture. To strengthen the character and academic skills of all club members according to their area of expertise, ethically and professionally. To further promote academic as well as artistic projects that will allow club members to develop their personal strengths and exercise their creative abilities. To foster academic alliances with the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures (MCLL), in the effort to find professional guidance and academic support.  

List of officers and contact information:

Germán Cervantes (President), email: 

Ana Julio (Vice President), email:

Ana Castro (Treasurer), email:

Raquel Romero (Editor in Chief, and Design), email:

María Rodríguez (Public Relations), email:


Dr. Gloria Medina-Sancho, email:

Dr. Rafael Lemus, email:

For general information on Club Austral, please write to:

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Club Activities

The following are some of the various activities club Austral continually promotes at Fresno State throughout its academic semester: poetry readings, writing workshops, performing arts, academic forums, and the publishing of Revista LiterariaAustral.

Lea aquí la Revista Literaria Austral:

Edición Otoño '14

Revista Literaria Austral edición Otoño 2014 (Fall 2014 edition)
 Personajes Hispanos, 

 Edición Otoño '14

 Past Editions:

Edición Otoño '12

issue 12

Número 7 (1 de diciembre, 2010)      

Numero 7 Painting





 Número 6 (19 de abril, 2010)

 issue #6






 Número 5 (30 de noviembre, 2009) 

issue #5






 Número 4 (12 de octubre, 2009)

 issue #4







 Número 3 (20 de abril, 2009) 

issue #3







 Número 2 (9 de marzo, 2009)

 issue #2







 Número 1 (9 de febrero, 2009)

Austral 1







APCE (Asociación para la promoción de las culturas en español)

APCE  is a Fresno State organization founded by Spanish MA students in 2014. APCE was primarily formed to promote awareness and recognition of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout the campus, through various cultural events such as documentary/films showings, performances, exhibitions and presentations. Our main goal is to give Fresno State students an opportunity to embrace learning about these cultures, and collectively participate in promoting their value.
Despite the fact that the organization’s name is in Spanish, we extend a very warm invitation to all campus students, regardless of major, and community members as well, since the organization is open to all who are interested in joining.

La mesa de español - since Fall 2017, APCE has been organizing a Spanish Language Table every other week, open to anybody on campus that wants to practice Spanish and/or speak it with those that want to learn it

List of officers and contact information:

FACULTY ADVISOR: Dr. Paula Sanmartín,

President: Mireya Alcaraz,

Vice-president: Stephanie Alarcón,

Treasurer: María Madrigal Piceno,


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