Department of Political Science

Lisa A. Bryant, Chair
McKee Fisk Building, Room 244

B.A. in Political Science
M.P.A. in Public Administration
M.P.A. in Public Administration - Continuing & Global Education (temporarily suspended)
Minor in Political Science
Minor in Public Administration

Courses Offered

Courses offered by the Department of Political Science are intended to help all students become more effective participants in a democratic society, both as makers of public policy and as individuals affected by those policies. Students study voting, elections, the structures of government institutions, and how governments around the world differ and interact. They also explore local, national, and global issues.  We prepare our majors for a wide variety of careers in government, education, business, journalism, the nonprofit sector, and international affairs, as well as law school and graduate school.

Students may elect to concentrate on American government and politics, international and comparative politics, legal studies, or public policy. Detailed course and career information on each of these optional tracks is available. For those who achieve a high measure of proficiency in their undergraduate program, the department offers advanced work leading to the master’s degree in public administration.