Communicative Disorders, Minor


Department of Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies

Communicative Disorders Minor Requirements

A Minor in Communicative Disorders is designed to provide students in psychology, education, and the health professions with an appreciation and understanding of the problems and procedures related to people who have speech, language, and hearing disorders.

Select one of the following:

Speech Pathology/Audiology
CSDS 80, CSDS 91, CSDS 95, CSDS 101, CSDS 102, CSDS 109
(18 units)

Deaf Studies
CSDS 80, CSDS 91, CSDS 92, CSDS 93, CSDS 139, CSDS 141
(18 units)

Note: With permission of the department chair, substitutions can be made. The Communicative Disorders Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.


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