English - Creative Writing Option, B.A.


Department of English

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

English Major - Creative Writing Option

Each student seeking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English must fulfill the lower-division core, upper-division core, and all requirements listed under the English major degree option. Students also must fulfill the university's General Education requirements (48 units). The English Department requires two college-level courses in the same foreign language (or equivalent) for all English major degree options (see Advising Note 2).

1. Major requirements (52 units)

Lower-division core (8 units)
ENGL 31, ENGL 32

Upper-division core (20 units)
ENGL 105, ENGL 106W, ENGL 179, ENGL 193, ENGL 195

Creative Writing Option (24 units)
Choose one additional Literature of Diversity course (4 units): ENGL 141, ENGL 142, ENGL 143, ENGL 144, ENGL 168T, ENGL 173, or ENGL 178
Choose three (repeatable) courses (12 units): ENGL 161, ENGL 163, ENGL 164
ENGL 165 and ENGL 166 (8 units)

2. General Education requirements (48 units)

3. Other requirements (9 units)
American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing. Note: English majors take ENGL 106W to fulfill the Upper-division Writing requirement. 

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

5. Total units (120)*
* G.E. and Other requirement courses can be double-counted with major requirements.  See advisor for details.

Advising Notes

  1. A single course may fulfill the requirement in more than one of the above content categories, with approval of the program advisor, but will not reduce the number of total units required for the major.
  2. The language requirement may be fulfilled by a sequence of two semesters of the same language. However, if a student demonstrates advanced proficiency by completing the final course in a language sequence (e.g., the fourth semester course in a language), or an advanced reading course, that single course may fulfill this requirement with the approval of the faculty advisor.
  3. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the English major with the exception of 2 units total of ENGL 186.
  4. General Education and elective units may be used toward a double major or minor (see double major or departmental minor). Consult the appropriate department chair, program coordinator, or faculty advisor for further information.
  5. Courses counted to fulfill a minor cannot also be used to fulfill major requirements.
  6. ENGL 105 and 106W provide a basis for most Upper Division coursework. Therefore, those classes should be completed by first semester of a student’s Junior year, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  7. English majors considering eventual graduate degrees should consult the graduate advisor.


The English Department consists of 26 full-time faculty whose teaching fields cover every area of literary studies and the humanities, including film and folklore. Most of the faculty have published books, textbooks, and articles in their disciplines, five have received outstanding teaching awards at the university, and one has received an outstanding teaching award for the entire CSU system. In addition, the faculty includes a number of lecturers, part-time instructors and teaching assistants, and the department operates an English writing lab staffed by tutors trained to work with students on an individual basis.

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