Mathematics, M.S.


Department of Mathematics

Master of Science Degree Program Requirements

The M.S. in mathematics is designed for students who wish to study mathematics at an advanced level. Within this program, students may choose to focus their coursework on paths leading to careers in business or industry, teaching at a community college, assuming a leadership role in high school mathematics education, or going on to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics or mathematics education.

Course Requirements:
Master's Degree in Mathematics (M.S.)
Core curriculum (MATH 251, MATH 271) [see Advising Note 2] (6 units)
Additional courses (6 units):
• Choose one of the following: MATH 200, MATH 232,MATH 252, or MATH 272;
• Choose one of the following: MATH 223, MATH 228, or MATH 260.
Elective curriculum (A combination of approved courses - see Advising Note 1) (15 units)
Project (MATH 298) or Thesis (MATH 299) (3 units)
Total (30 units)

Additional Requirements:

  • All students must attend a Plagiarism Workshop and sign the Mathematics Department's Honor Code Statement Regarding Academic Integrity and Plagiarism.
  • In order to satisfy the University Graduate Writing Skills Requirement, the student must submit a formal paper demonstrating writing skill in mathematics at the graduate level. This graduate level paper may be a research proposal, a literature review in some mathematical area of interest, a paper from a directed research project, or some other paper that meets the objectives for the writing requirement as stated in "Satisfaction of the Graduate Writing Requirement," found in the Graduate Studies Handbook for the Master of Science in Mathematics. Deadlines are given in that document.

Graduate Advising Notes

  1. Under the direction of the department graduate advisor, each candidate should prepare and submit for approval a program of courses as early as possible.
  2. All graduate students should obtain a copy of the Department of Mathematics Graduate Studies Handbook for more detailed information on the program requirements.

Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematics. A bachelor's degree is required in order to be admitted to a graduate program at California State University, Fresno.

In order to be admitted to classified graduate standing, applicants must have undergraduate preparation comparable to a California State University, Fresno mathematics major and have a 3.0 grade point average in their upper-division mathematics courses. Applicants lacking the above preparation may be admitted conditionally. These students will become classified after meeting additional requirements as set by the graduate coordinator. Coursework taken to achieve classified standing may not be applied towards credits for the graduate program.

All applicants are required to either: 

  • take the GRE Mathematics subject test. Applicants' GRE Mathematics subject test scores are expected to be at least 500; or
  • complete, with the five years, courses on:  upper division linear algebra, abstract algebra, and real analysis, all with at least a B and an average of 3.3

In addition, two letters of recommendation from faculty at the applicant's undergraduate institution are required. Letters should be sent directly to the graduate coordinator.


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