Italian Studies, Minor


Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Italian Studies Minor Requirements

The Minor in Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in Italian culture and language. Open to students in all majors, this program emphasizes the contributions of Italian culture to global innovation in all human endeavors. Depending on the specific minor, the student is responsible for 18-20 units. Consult a departmental adviser for planning your program. 

Lower-division courses in Italian (6 - 8 units)
Upper-division courses in Italian (ITAL 100 and other Italian upper-division course) (6 units)
Approved electives* (6 units)
Total (18-20 units)

Note: The Italian Studies Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

Approved Course Electives

*The following list includes the elective courses most directly concerned. For further information, consult Italian Studies Coordinator.

Agricultural Business
AGBS 173. Wine Marketing

ANTH 2. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 30. Critical Thinking in Anthropology
ANTH 101. Introductory Fieldwork in Archaeology

Art and Design
ARTDS 7A. Art and Design Fundamentals I
ARTDS 7B. Art and Design Fundamentals II

ART 13 Design (3 units) [GE area E1]

Art History
ARTH 10. The Ancient Medieval Worlds
ARTH 11. The Early Modern World (3 units) [GE area C1]
ARTH 109T. Topics in Art History (1-3 units)
ARTH 120. Italian Renaissance (3 units)
ARTH 124. Italian Baroque (3 units)

Business Administration (BA)
BA 174. Introduction to International Business
BA 176. The International Business Environment

Enology (ENOL)
ENOL 15. Introduction to Enology

DRAMA 185. History of the Theatre and Drama (3)

Fashion Merchandising
FM 21. Fashion Merchandising Fundamentals (3)

GEOG 174 European Regions (1–3 units)

HIST 1. Western Civilization I (3 units)
HIST 109T. Religion and Politics in Late Roman Empire
HIST 116. Greek and Roman Religion
HIST 118. Augustus & Rome
HIST 125. Renaissance (3 units)
HIST 133. Europe in the 20th Century (3 units)
HIST 135. European Cultural History (3 units)
HIST 139. European Diplomatic History 1890–1945 (3 units)
HIST 149T. Studies in Modern European History (1–3 units, repeatable up to 6 units)

HUM 10. Humanities from Antiquity to the Renaissance
HUM 104. Humanities in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (3 units) [GE area IC]
HUM 110. Humanities in Republican and Imperial Rome (3) [GE area IC]

Interior Design
ID 70. Design History, Theory & Criticism I (3 units)

Any other Italian (ITAL) courses (3 units each)

LING 10. Introduction to Language (G.E.)
LING 11. Linguistics for Teachers (for Liberal Studies)

MGT 131. International Management (3 units)

MKTG 100S. Marketing Concepts (4 units) [MI]

Mechanical Engineering
ME 1. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (1 unit)

Media, Communications and Journalism
MCJ 9. Film Appreciation
MCJ 60. Film Theory

MUSIC 9. Introduction to Music
MUS 118OPR Opera Production (1 unit, repeatable up to 99 units)
MUS 118OT Opera Theatre (1 unit, repeatable up to 99 units)

PHIL 101. Ancient Philosophy

Political Science
PLSI 110. Seminar in History of Political Thought to Macchiavelli (3 units)
PLSI 142T. Area Studies in Western Europe (1–3 units, repeatable up to 8 units)

VIT 1. World Viticulture (3 units)


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