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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Graduate Program Requirements

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures offers the Master of Arts degree in Spanish.

The Master of Arts degree program in Spanish language and literature serves several categories of students: those anticipating doctoral studies, those teaching or preparing to teach in high school and community college, and those interested in further study beyond the baccalaureate degree. For specific requirements, consult the departmental graduate committee chair. For general requirements, see Division of Graduate Studies.

Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts degree in Spanish is awarded upon satisfactory completion of a 30-unit program of study. For the culminating experience, students may select either a thesis/project or comprehensive examination.

Program Prerequisites. Admission to the M.A. program in Spanish requires a minimum 3.0 GPA and assumes an undergraduate major in Spanish but is open to others with a bachelor's degree who show intellectual promise and ability to perform at a satisfactory level during their graduate studies. Students lacking the B.A. in Spanish will be required to make up deficiencies prior to acceptance into the M.A. program.

(See also Admission to Graduate Standing, Advancement to Candidacy, Program Requirements, and Criteria for Thesis and Project.)

Admission Prerequisites. When making application for admission to the program, students must submit a copy of their GRE scores.

Program Requirements. Students meet the Graduate Writing Requirement by writing one research paper for a graduate seminar in English which is assessed in content, organization, and writing style. For more information, please contact the graduate program coordinator.

In order to achieve classified standing, students must demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in Spanish by passing a written departmental examination. In addition, under the direction of the graduate adviser, students prepare a coherent program. Each student's program of study must include at least 24 units of 200-level work.

Thesis/Project Plan
SPAN 203 (3 units)
Graduate seminars in Spanish (21-24 units)
Independent Study (SPAN 290) (0-6 units)
SPAN 298 and/or 299 (3-6 units)
Electives (must see adviser) (0-6 units)
Select from SPAN 137139142143145147148T149150
Approved elective in related fields (0-3 units)
Total (30 units)

Comprehensive Examination Plan
SPAN 203 (3 units)
Graduate seminars in Spanish (21 - 24 units)
Independent Study (SPAN 290) (0-6 units)
Electives (0-6 units)
Elect from SPAN 142143145147148T149150
Approved elective in related fields (0-3 units)
Total (30 units)

Specific Requirements. The following areas must be covered by graduate or undergraduate courses and may be satisfied in undergraduate preparation: Peninsular Spanish literature (two courses including SPAN 142), Latin American literature (two courses including SPAN 143), Hispanic linguistics (one course).

Students who intend to go on to a Ph.D. program at another institution are strongly advised to study at least one other foreign language.


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