Early Start Courses at Fresno State

Class Dates: July 5th - July 30th, 2021

The Early Start program will be entirely online in 2021. Online classes utilize Canvas and Zoom for instruction and participation. Classes may have required Zoom meetings at set times each day.

  • Early Start English (ESE 1) This 1-unit course will be taught over a period of two weeks. 
  • Early Start Math (ESM 1) This course offers 1-unit of baccalaureate credit and 2-units of additional support (total of 3-units). Classes are four weeks long.
  • Early Start Math for STEM students (ESM 1-STEM): This version of ESM 1 is required for students who have declared majors in STEM fields.

Dog Days Scheduling Conflicts

We recommend that you avoid scheduling conflicts between Early Start class meetings and Dog Days orientation. Pease inform your Early Start instructor(s) in advance if you have an unavoidable conflict between an Early Start class meeting and Dog Days.

Visit the Dog Days website for more information on the orientation program.

Instructor Contact Information

Most Early Start instructors may be found in the University Directory. Contact David Hoff in Continuing and Global Education if you need contact information for one of the instructors.