Early Start Registration

Early Start class registration opens on June 8th, 2021.

JUNE 28th is the payment deadline for students who register between June 8th-June 28th. You will be dis-enrolled if your program fees are not paid and will have to re-enroll later. If you qualify for the fee waiver, you do not have to pay program fees.

Registration will freeze on JUNE 29th and resume on JUNE 30th. If you do not have a fee waiver, you must pay fees within 24 hours of enrollment if registering on June 30th or later.

Students may continue registering until the first day of instruction for each class or all remaining seats are filled, whichever comes first.

How to Register

View the Early Start Registration Guide. (PDF)

Available Classes

Early Start English Online (ESE 1): Online, asynchronous class that uses Canvas for discussions and assignments.

Non-STEM Early Start Math (ESM 1): Online class that meets daily over a four-week period. This class is for students who have declared non-STEM majors or are undecided. ESM classes each have two class numbers. 

STEM Early Start MATH (ESM 1-STEM):Online class that meets daily over a four-week period. This class is for students who have declared STEM-based majors. ESM classes each have two class numbers. 

Open Classes

Class Format Open Class
ESE 1 Online TBD
ESM 1 Online TBD

Dropping Classes

You may use the Student Center in MyFresnoState to drop classes. Full refunds are available for students who drop before the first day of instruction (see "Costs/Waiver/Refunds" for more information on refunds).

Registration for Early Start Host Students

Students from other CSU campuses may also register for Early Start at Fresno State. Click here for more information.