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Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology!

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Our goal is to make your life better by providing an education and a variety of practical experiences, workshops and certifications which will help you create a professional career.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic please note the following adjustments:

Frequently Asked Questions

Office Hours

Monday - Friday (8 am - 5 pm, closed 12-1 pm for lunch)

Staff are not on campus in their offices but are available to help provide support should you need it.

How to Contact the Office

 Phone - 559-278-2016 (calls are being forwarded)

What do I do if I want to change my major or add the coaching minor? (Undergraduate)

 Step 1: Decide which option you would like to complete - Exercise SciencePhysical Education Teacher Education, or Sport Administration. Information on each of these options is available online, by contacting CHHS Academic and Career Development Center, or contacting the option coordinator for the option you are interested in (see below).

Step 2: Contact the Option/Minor Coordinator for the option you have chosen to pursue.

Step 3 - Submit the Change of Major/Minor Form. You will need to fill in the online form found here. To complete the form you need the name and email address of the option coordinator (see above).

Who is my advisor?

Advising is divided up based on which option you are in. Faculty advisor contact information can be found here.

Exercise ScienceCHHS Academic and Career Development Center

Physical Education

  • A-C - Dr. Wade Gilbert
  • D-G - Tim Hamel
  • H-L - Dr. David Kinnunen
  • M-Q Dr. Dawn Lewis-Kinnunen
  • R-S - Justine McAlpine
  • T-Z - Dr. Nicole Smith

Sport Administration - Dr. John McMillen

Graduate Programs

  • Athletic Training - Dr. Stephanie Moore
  • Exercise Science, Sport Psychology, Sport Administration - Dr. Jenelle Gilbert

How do I sign up for an internship, supervised work experience, independent study, graduate project or thesis? ( KINES 190, 199I, 290, 285, 298, or 299 )

Step 1 - Contact a Kinesiology faculty member who you would like to serve as your Fresno State Faculty Supervisor for this course.

Step 2 - Complete the online form found here. 

Undergraduate (Kines 190 or 199)

Graduate (Kines 290, 298, or 299)

Graduate Supervision (Kines 285)

Step 3 - You will receive an email requesting you to submit several pieces of information:

  • Your contact information as well as student ID number
  • The contact information for your faculty supervisor This is a Fresno State Kinesiology faculty member who will work with you to establish the requirements for this experience.
  • The contact information for the field supervisor (Kines 190, 199I, and 285 only). This is an individual at the site where you will be completing your internship or supervised work experience.
  • A title for your project/activity as well as a description of what you will be doing, goals for the activity, etc.

Step 4 - After you complete your portion of the form the document is automatically distributed to the various individuals who have to approve your request. This includes:

  • Faculty supervisor
  • Graduate coordinator (if a graduate class)
  • Department Chair

Step 5 - After approval by the department chair, the form will go to the Kinesiology Office staff who will issue a course number as well as a permission number. You will receive a copy of the form containing these numbers that you will use to register.

Note - You will be notified immediately if your request is rejected or needs adjustment but often the permission numbers are not assigned until just before the start of the semester. 

Third Attempt form for Kinesiology

Use this form to request a review of your eligibility to take a course for the third time.

Note: Exercise Science students are not allowed to retake a course required in the major than twice.

How do I apply to teach in the department?

Please submit your information if you would like to be added to the instructor pool.

What is Kinesiology?

The term "Kinesiology" means "the study of movement", and the Department of Kinesiology takes a very broad and comprehensive approach to the study of movement, and the positive influences of movement and physical activity on human life.

Movement and physical activity have a very powerful effect on health, wellness, and disease prevention, and the field of Kinesiology is the leader in science and expertise in exercise, and applications to health promotion, disease prevention, and healthy aging. The Health Care industry is the largest single industry in the United States, and the contributions of Kinesiology to this industry are growing every day.

Sports and athletics have become very important in modern society, both as a form of entertainment and as a form of self-development and self-actualization. Sports and athletics have become the fifth-largest industry in the United States, and the field of Kinesiology has been the leader in the development and application of science and technology which has transformed training and coaching techniques. The contributions of the field of Kinesiology have led to spectacular improvements in equipment, facilities, opportunities, and performance.

Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries which occur during sports, athletics, and physical activities have improved dramatically as a result of contributions from Kinesiology. Athletes return from injury more quickly, careers last longer, and protective equipment is more effective. Recreational athletes and people who exercise for fun and fitness have access to equipment, facilities, and medical services that are similar to that available to top athletes.