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 Our Mission
  • To train the future leaders in viticulture and enology through education and research
  • To conduct solution-driven research for the grape and wine industry
  • To disseminate knowledge and information to the grape and wine industry, and community
Pride Points

Each year, over 150 viticulture and enology students take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that this one-of-a-kind program offers. 

Our graduates can be found in leading grape and wine positions around the nation and world. 

Faculty and staff conduct grape and wine research through the Viticulture and Enology Research Center (VERC) in the Department of Viticulture and Enology.

2021 V. E. Petrucci Library Renovations: Before and After Photos

Image Petrucci Library before renovation 2021     Image Petrucci Library before renovation 2021

Thanks to donor support received during our Fall 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign, we were able to kick-off a V. E. Petrucci Library renovation project in 2021. The project was completed in April with additional support from VERC. Library patrons, including students, will now have additional study space with improved electrical and internet access. The V. E. Petrucci Library is a collection of the Henry Madden Library, and is supported through funding from the Viticulture and Enology Alumni Association and the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. The library is located within the Department of Viticulture and Enology and Viticulture and Enology Research Center on campus.

Viticulture and Enology Graduate Student Thesis Defense: May 2021

Robert Herrell.  Advisor: Dr.  Miguel Pedroza.  

Antonis Marinos.  Advisor: Dr. Kristy Sun.  

Kori Munk.  Advisor:  Dr. Miguel Pedroza.  

Fresno State Starts Construction on New Viticulture Greenhouse 

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Video Source: ABC30: March 13, 2021

Click here to view the live virtual viticulture greenhouse groundbreaking event that was held on January 29, 2021.

Join our Viticulture and Enology Associate Supporters!

TheViticulture and Enology Associates Campaign is an ongoing fundraising effort by the Department of Viticulture and Enology and the Viticulture and Enology Research Center.  Every dollar donated to this campaign helps us fill the gap that exists between the funding that the state of California is able to provide and the high quality of instruction and research our industry has grow to expect.  Click here to READ MOREMake a Pledge

Fresno State Faculty, Students and Alumni to Present at 72nd ASEV National Conference in June 2021 (virtual)

Daily Schedule

Faculty Name ASEV Session Name Presentation Title
Dr. Stephan Sommer, California State University, Fresno June 22: Phenolic Maceration Session  Effect of Polysaccharide Extraction and Addition Strategies on Color Stability and Pigment Formation in Red Wines
Dr. Luca Brillante, California State University, Fresno June 23: Irrigation Management Session Assisting Irrigation Scheduling Through Machine-Learning Modeling of Grapevine Water Status In Space and Time


Name ASEV Research Poster Presentation Titles
Paolo De Censi, California State University, Fresno  Use of VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imaging to Quantify Anthocyanins, Soluble Solids and Titratable Acidity in Grape Berries
Leah Groves, California State University, Fresno Evaluating Foliar applied Calcium Carbonate on Table Grapes and Observing Cold Storage Potential
Henry Kampen, California State University, Fresno Impact of Activated Carbon and Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone Treatments for Amelioration of Smoke Tainted Cabernet Sauvignon - Flash Talk
Henry Kampen, California State University, Fresno Impact of Yeast Derivative Treatment on Smoke-Tainted Cabernet Sauvignon Wine - Flash Talk
Jeremiah Loyd, California State University, Fresno Fermentation Kinetics and Sensory of Microbially Impacted Red and White Wine
Garrett Morales, California State University, Fresno Calibration of Microbial Spoilage Indicators via Mycobiota Levels in Wine Grapes
Khushwinder Singh, California State University, Fresno Control of Vine Mealybug (Planococcus ficus Signoret) in Organic Viticulture - Flash Talk
Khushwinder Singh, California State University, Fresno Monitoring Grapevine Response to Calcium-Based Soil Amendments Through Remote Sensing in San Joaquin Valley, California - Flash Talk
Dr. Stephan Sommer, California State University, Fresno Sustainable Replacement Strategies for Bentonite in Wine using Renewable Fining Agents
Dr. Qun Sun, California State University, Fresno Investigate the Differences of Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes and Wines Between Madera AVA and other California Wine Regions
Kaylah Vasquez, California State University, Fresno Remote Sensing-Assisted Scouting of Virus Infections in Vineyards - FlashTalk
Shijian Zhuang, California State University, Fresno Impact of Mechanical Leafing on Yield and Berry Composition of Ruby Cabernet grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California

Fresno State alumni Dr. Nick Dokoozlian  (E & J Gallo Winery) and Dr. Tian Tian (UC Cooperative Extension Kern County) will also be giving presentations on the 72nd ASEV Annual Conference program on  June 21 and June 24, respectively.

2021 Spring Semester Viticulture-Enology 199 Virtual Seminar Series

Thank you to all of the industry presenters who participated in our Viticulture-Enology Seminar Series this spring semester.  This seminar series coordinated by Dr. Luca Brillante featured leaders from the grape and wine industry who shared their knowledge on a variety of current topics.    

Image of Thank You to 2021 Spring Seminar Series presenters

Quick Links

NEWS!  Congratulations to several of our viticulture and enology students who have been awarded 2020-21 ASEV Scholarships:  Esteban  Garcia, Robert Herrell, Kori Munk, Salvador Pineda, Abelardo Rodriguez Cetto, and Khushwinder Singh.  Go, Dogs!

ENOLOGY BUILDING NAMED IN HONOR OF JORDAN COLLEGE AND WINERY SUPPORTER(May 2020)  Read more about this generous gift to the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and Fresno State's viticulture and enology program.

Click here to check out our calendar of events and activities

We invite you to check out our Viticulture and Enology Facebook page to learn more about our program.

Looking for a qualified student intern or alumni to fill your position?  Employers may post job vacancies on our website at www.fresnostate.edu/jcast/ve/jobs.  Email cynthiaw@csufresno.edu your position details.

Take a look at our viticulture and enology library and services (July 2017) 

Position Vacancies

NEW March 2021:  California State University, Fresno Foundation VACANCY #21-154Postdoctoral Scholar in Computational Agriculture. The review of applications will begin March 28, 2021 and may continue until position is filled.  For official position description, visit: http://www.auxiliary.com/auxhr/documents/Postdoctoral%20Scholar%20in%20Computational%20Agriculture%203.4.21.pdf

VACANCY #498260:  Viticulture - Assistant / Associate Professor.  Faculty, Tenured/Tenure Track. Start:  Fall 2021 (August 2021). The review of applications will begin January 4, 2021 and may continue until position is filled.  For official position description, visit https://careers.fresnostate.edu/  

VACANCY #13898: Instructional Support Tech III - Viticulture & Enology Research Center. Full time.  Filing deadline April 3, 2020.  Open until filled.

Official vacancy announcements for viticulture and enology positions at Fresno State can be viewed at  careers.csufresno.edu.

Viticulture and enology positions through the Fresno State Auxiliary can be viewed on their website at www.auxiliary.com/auxhr/jobs.html

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