Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration
with a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

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The K-12 Leadership and Administration program is an integrated degree and credential program for students pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration and a California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The integrated master’s degree and credential program is a 3 semester, 31-semester unit program of study. For students who have already earned a master’s degree and are pursuing the credential only option, the preparation program for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) is a 3 semester, 24-semester unit program.

Graduates earning the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential are authorized to serve in administrative roles in California K-12 public schools such as principal, vice-principal, program director, and any related administrative assignment at all school levels. The K-12 pathway program is offered through a 3 semester, 18-month cohort delivery model with an intern option as part of the cohort model for eligible students. The intern option is for those candidates accepted into the PASC program with a contract from a school district to begin work as a school administrator. Cohorts are in partnership with school districts throughout the Central Valley.

Coursework and course-embedded fieldwork experiences in partnership school districts are based on standards adopted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC): California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPEs) and California Administrator Content Expectations (CACEs).

Program Highlights 

  • 3 semester program
  • Course Embedded fieldwork experience in partnership school districts

Our Graduates Work As

  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Program Directors

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