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Education Specialist and Dual Credential

Fresno State's nationally accredited Education Specialist Credential Program prepares caring, competent and reflective candidates to teach children, youth and adults with disabilities in a variety of diverse educational settings in grades kindergarten - age 22 across the  Central Valley of California. We offer multiple pathways to pursue your Education Specialist Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe Credential program in either evening cohorts with daytime student teaching, or in daytime residencies in two partner school districts. 

Program Options

At Fresno State we can tailor your credential program to your specific interests and needs. We offer multiple options to pursue your Education Specialist Credential:

Education Specialist (Special Education) Teaching Credential

The Education Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to teach students with mild/moderate or moderate/severe disabilities (grades K-age 22) in public or private school programs, clinics, special schools, resource classrooms, educational programs, residential facilities, hospitals, and other agencies serving persons with disabilities.

Residencies and Cohorts 


Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 start

Summer 2021 start

Fall & Spring each year


Education Specialist 

Mild Moderate or Moderate Severe 

Dual Mild Moderate             

Educations Specialist and Dual Credential

Faculty in Residence

Dr. Michael Mahoney

Dr. Steven Hart

Cheryl McDonald, Coordinator

Number of Semesters



Varies based on program

Financial Incentive






Dual Credential (Special Education + Multiple Subject)

Earn your Education Specialist and Multiple Subject credentials concurrently. Apply here

Already have a credential? Add the Education Specialist Credential 

Add the Education Specialist Credential to your California Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential 

If you already possess a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential and would like to add an Education Specialist Credential, email the following completed documents to

Education Specialist Credential and a Master of Arts in Special Education

You can apply to the Education Specialist Credential program and add two additional semesters to also earn a Master of Arts in Special Education. Learn more here.

Apply Today!

Learn more about our application process here.