Pronouns are an option that is available to current and prior students via their MyFresnoState Student Center. The Pronouns option is separate from the Preferred Name and Gender Identity options.

If you have opted to use a Gender Identity and Preferred Name that align with your identity, you may also select a set of Pronouns which will allow campus faculty and staff to converse with you by those pronouns. If you have not opted to use the Preferred Name and Gender Identity options, Pronouns are still available for your use. Pronouns will show in the Student Center and the Faculty class rosters.

How to Update your Pronouns

  1. Log into your MyFresnoState portal and select Student Self Service.

  2. In your Student Center, navigate to the Personal Information section.

  3. In the dropdown menu, select Pronouns, then click the Go arrow.

  4. Click on the Pronouns drop down and select your pronouns, then click Save. Pronouns will go into effect immediately.

Click here for How-to Guide PDF.

Pronouns FAQ

What is a Pronoun?

A pronoun is what a person chooses to use for themselves. Pronouns are what we use to refer to people in sentences and conversations. 

Can I set or change my pronouns whenever I want?

 Yes, you can set pronouns in your Student Center at any time.  They will be used on class rosters for faculty and also in your student center when meeting with advisors. The University reserves the right to remove a pronoun if it is inappropriate or being used for misrepresentation or to evade legal obligations. Inappropriate use of pronouns may be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be referred to the Dean of Students office.

Will my pronouns be used for everything at the University?

As of right now, your pronouns will appear in the Student Center, the Advisor Center, and the Faculty Center Class rosters.



Am I required to set pronouns?

No. Using a pronoun is entirely optional. You can change this at any time.

What are some examples of Pronouns?

Here are some examples of Pronouns:

  • he/him/his (masculine pronouns)

  • she/her/hers (feminine pronouns)
  • they/them/theirs (neutral pronouns)

  • ze/hir/zir/hirs/zirs
  • use name/use name/use name

What are some examples of Pronouns in use?

  • She, Her, Hers (Alex wanted to ace her exam, so she studied every day.)
  • They, them, their (Alex wanted to ace their exam, so they  studied every day.)

They, Them and Their are common gender-neutral pronouns. These pronouns can be used in the singular 

  • Use Name (Alex wanted to ace Alex's  exam, so Alex  studied every day.)

Some people prefer not to use pronouns, using their name in place of them.

If I still have questions or concerns, who can I talk to?

 If you have questions regarding pronouns, or would like additional training, please contact the Cross Cultural and Gender Center.


Staff and Faculty

Pronoun Training

Beginning October 2020, login to CSULearn to take the Pronoun Training. You can search by the title The Power of Pronouns: Understanding their Importance at Fresno State.

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Gender and Identities 101 Training