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Student Involvement at Fresno State offers a diverse array of co-curricular opportunities to complement your college experience. 

Search our 300+ active student organizations on Fresno State Engage!

Our diverse community of clubs includes Club Sports teams, fraternities and sororities academic, cultural, spiritual clubs as well as Club Sports teamsfraternities and sororities.

  • Meet friends and find other students with common interests
  • Connect more directly with your major and enhance scholastic development
  • Get to know faculty, advisors, and alumni
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Define and shape career goals
  • Categories range from: Academic, Spiritual, Club Sports, Fraternities, Sororities, Recreational, & more


  • Your organization is responsible for completing the online Club Re-Registration process on ENGAGE during the first four weeks of the fall semester.

    The Club Re-Registration process includes:

    1. Updating the Club Registration Form,
    2. Completing the Officer and Advisor Agreement Forms, and
    3. Viewing the Club and Organization Orientation Videos.
    4. Review the Student Club and Organization Handbook.

    Failure to participate in the Re-Registration process for your organization will result in a loss of recognition with the University.


Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) provides Club Accounts that offer security, reimbursement and deposits, assistance with paperwork and funding for on-campus events and new clubs. Learn more »

Outlined in ICSUAM 3141.01 and Fresno State campus policy B-56, monies collected in the name of the Student Organization must be maintained in a bank account of the University or an Auxiliary Organization.

At no time shall a Student Organization deposit funds into an unauthorized bank account.Any exemptions to this requirement must be approved by the campus CFO.Request an exemption »

Visit or contact ASI (USU 317) at 559.278.2656.

Officers and Advisors

Advisor - An individual employed on a half-time or more basis as a faculty or staff member by California State University, Fresno (Auxiliary staff and student assistants are not eligible to serve as advisors).

President Undergraduate

  • Must have 2.0 GPA
  • Minimum of 6 units per semester
  • 150 unit maximum
  • Must be in good academic standing

President Graduate

  • Must have 3.0 GPA
  • Minimum of 3 units per semester
  • 50 unit maximum
  • Must be in good academic standing



CLICK HERE for online payment options for Outdoor Area Fees

If the space you’re looking for isn’t listed, student clubs and organizations can also reserve other spaces and classrooms by stopping by the Reservation Center in the University Student Union, Room 301 or by calling 559.278.6024.

Outside vendors, staff, and other groups: please contact the University Scheduling office to get more information regarding space rentals. Outside entities are required to have an on-campus sponsor to reserve and use campus spaces.


Tax ID Information

1. Can we use Fresno State's tax ID number?            


2. Can we use ASI's tax ID number?


3. Where can my organization secure a tax ID number?

Tax ID numbers are issued independently from the IRS and applications can be found on their website (link).

Raffles & Drawings

1. Can we chalk outside of the University Student Union (USU)?

Yes, prior approval needed from Student Involvement in USU 306.

2. Can we chalk in other areas on campus?

Prior approval from Plant Operations needed.  Contact Student Involvement in USU 306 or at 278-2741 for more information.

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Club Finances

Yes, up to $3,000 per semester. See ASI in USU 316 or visit for more details. 

Yes, these organizations must have a direct connection to a department (with academic ties). See ASI in USU 316 or visit for more details.

Serving & Selling Food on Campus

See food distribution chart located at 

2. Where can I find the Food Waiver Form

The Food Waiver form can be accessed at  Complete and submit a Food Waiver Form detailing your request at least 30 days in advance of your event. 

Only Pepsi products are allowed to be served on campus. A large water container with individual cups is OK.