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    Through the strategic partnerships of Academia and Industry communities, we support and enrich technology innovation, research and development for the university and central valley community from Farms to Forks! 

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    The Hub of Digital Transformation at Fresno State offers Creative Collaboration spaces, Design Thinking framework, and Incubation opportunities to transform our student learners to tomorrow’s global leaders.

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    For current innovation project and Digital Transformation initiatives, visit dx.fresnostate.edu or @FresnoStateDX or contact us.
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New!! Virtual 360 Campus Tour

Given that many people are concerned about attending large gatherings right now, we have developed and offer the Virtual 360 tours 2020 Digital/Immersive experience for students and their families to explore the Fresno State campus. 
Visit the Fresno State online Preview Day 2020 -  the largest incoming student event at Fresno State.

Welcome to the Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Fresno State. 

DXHub and Innovation at Fresno State provides a unique multidisciplinary learn-by-doing experience where students, faculty and staff will explore how current technology can improve organizations by leveraging innovation and leadership skills to strategically impact change.

Using disruptive technology, the participants will work alongside university leaders to bring forward meaningful change on the Fresno State campus and beyond. Grounded in Design Thinking, Change Management, and Creative Leadership models, participants will not only create products, but learn how to lead in various settings by focusing improving and shaping the future of technology and how it can improve the community.

Visit FresnoStateDX website for current Digital Transformation projects and Innovation Initatives. 

Our Vision:

Encourage a Campus Culture of Innovaiton and Foster our student innovators to be tomorrow’s BOLD leaders!

Our Mission:

Improve campus operational efficiencies, streamline business practices and advance academic success via new emerging digital technologies.

In the Press

Fresno State - Bulldog Bot 2019Fresno State builds an autonomous Bulldog Bot with AWS RoboMaker https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/publicsector/fresno-state-builds-an-autonomous-bulldog-bot-with-aws-robomaker/ via @awscloud




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A look at how Arizona State, Fresno State are using blockchain https://www.educationdive.com/news/a-look-at-how-arizona-state-fresno-state-are-using-blockchain/565226/ via @EdDiveK12



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