2016 Bold Ideas Challenge

  • 146 Bold Ideas were submitted.
  • 70 faculty and staff members (CAIFE alumni) reviewed and ranked the ideas and provided feedback to the Cabinet.
  • 5 ideas were selected as winners - one idea for each strategic priority (2 ideas were combined for strategic priority #2)
  • 7 ideas were recognized with Honorable Mention.
  • 98 ideas are being sent to departments/schools/colleges for review.
  • 20 ideas are currently in progress; 21 ideas were not feasible.


2016 Winners

Dr. Jesus Larralde-Muro, Arturo Mendoza, Dr. Larissa Mercado-Lopez, Nancy Kobata, Dr. Dvera Saxton


Idea Summary Idea Submitter Next Step
Change course substitution policy so the form can be entered electronically into the system by the individuals responsible for overseeing compliance with curriculum. Dr. Jesus Larralde-Muro; Associate Dean, Lyles College of Engineering A CAIFE team will be organized to pursue this idea.
Develop and foster a tiered "Welcome to Fresno State" 'opt in' ambassador program for faculty and staff new hires.* Arturo Mendoza; Library Services Specialist II, Henry Madden Library

*One CAIFE team will be formed to implement both ideas.  The group will be charged with exploring these ideas and building upon the work of last year's CAIFE team who began the process to improve employee onboarding.
Design a new faculty fellows program to provide training on the nuts and bolts of navigating the university and opportunities to share research with other cohort members.* Dr. Larissa Mercado-Lopez; Assistant Professor, Women's Studies
Create an application or online notification system to provide traffic updates, construction updates, emergency or other information on routine events taking place on campus. Nancy Kobata; Administrative Support Coordinator and Liaison between University and Army ROTC The Cabinet was inspired by this idea and will form a CAIFE team to explore multiple communication methodologies to reach students, staff and faculty.
Create a calendar that highlights extra-curricular programs, workshops, performances, etc. that are open to students, faculty, staff and community members.  Dr. Dvera Saxton; Assistant Professor, Anthropology A CAIFE team will be organized to pursue this idea.


2016 Honorable Mentions

Arthur Montejano, Dr. Fariborz Tehrani, Helen Bailey, Cher Travis Ellis, Janice Brown, Dr. Don Simmons, Steven Koobatian

Idea Summary Idea Submitter Next Step
Employ the concept of "choice architecture/nudges" to guide students and faculty into choosing to adopt high impact practices. Arthur Montejano; Leadership Programs Coordinator A CAIFE team will be organized to pursue this idea.
Develop a dual-career servicecenter to function as a hub to provide assistance for dual-career couples/partners. Dr. Fariborz Tehrani; Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering This idea will be passed to Human Resources and Faculty Affairs to explore making a reality.
Streamline the process for the Students with Disabilities office to give a scout pass to injured students who are temporarily disabled. Helen Bailey; Administrative Support Coordinator, University Advancement A small work group will be assembled this summer to implement a solution to this problem in time for the fall semester.
Modernize the ID card process to online carding.  Cher Travis Ellis; Coordinator, Bulldog Card & Imaging  The Bulldog Card Office will implement this idea.
Create a high tech center focused on the development of accessible instructional materials. Janice Brown; Director, Services for Students with Disabilities A CAIFE team will be assembled to address this need.
Create a centralized volunteer management database to promote volunteer opportunities; train, affirm, recognize and track volunteers serving on campus. Dr. Don Simmons; Faculty, Sociology  A CAIFE team will be organized to pursue this idea.
Create a comprehensive business resource center that provides one stop consultation services with local businesses to help them solve real world problems. Steven Koobatian; Faculty, Counselor Education and Rehabilitation  A CAIFE team will be organized to pursue this idea.