M.S. in Geology Graduate Program

DUE TO UNPRECEDENTED DISLOCATION DUE TO COVID-19: the fall 2020 application deadline to the Geology M.S. Program has been extended to July 1st, 2020.  Ignore any other dates that may be found elsewhere.

Admission Process

Student taking measurementTo apply for the graduate program, you will need to submit an application and fulfill all of the university requirements. You will also need to make contact with a potential advisor before submitting your application.

Here's how it works:

1) You contact a potential advisor and let them know you are interested in the work they do and would like to enter the grad program with them as your advisor. Find out if your interests are a good match for that advisor, and find out if they have space in their research group to admit you. (See Contacting Potential Advisors)

2) You submit your application through the appropriate channels (see Applying to the University)

3) The faculty select students who will be admitted based on academic qualifications, available resources, and the match between potential students and advisors. If you have already established communication with a potential advisor about working with them, you are more likely to be accepted.


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Contacting Potential Advisors

Student on hillFor grad school applications, it's customary for the student to reach out to the potential advisors to establish contact. You can think of this initial contact as a job interview. Without an advisor to take you into their research group, we are not likely to accept you as student.

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Please read the following webpages for some helpful guidance on contacting potential advisors:

Applying to the University

Please note that deadlines and criteria are different for domestic and international students. Click the appropriate links on these pages.

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Financial Aid Information

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Prospective Students with Non-geoscience Undergraduate Degrees

The Geology MS program has admitted many prospective students with undergraduate degree other than geology, geosciences, earth science, planetary science, environmental science, or similar.  Many of these people have done quite well.  Such students must typically take undergraduate core geology courses in order to achieve full standing in the Geology M.S. program.  This can be done through Open University https://www.fresnostate.edu/cge/openuniversity/ prior to application to the Geology M.S. Program, or after matriculating into the Geology M.S. program.  Note that individuals taking classes through Open University are not eligible for financial aid, while students in the Geology M.S. Program are eligible.  Admission candidates with non-geoscience undergraduate degrees, should have already taken EES 1 (or equivalent) prior to applying to the Geology M.S. Program, and would then be required to take a number of core geology course (if they had not already done so), such as EES 2, EES 12, EES 30, EES 101, EES 102, EES 106 http://www.fresnostate.edu/catalog/subjects/earth-environment-sciences/geol.html#courses.

Guidance for current student: Geology Graduate Student Handbook

More Information

For more information about the M.S. in Geology, contact:

Chris Pluhar
Dr. Christopher Pluhar, Graduate Coordinator